Warp Spider Exarch

“Let us see what havoc I can wreak with this.”

The Warp Spider Exarch has honed his skills as an ambusher to a fine detail. He is not only an expert in surprise assaults, teleporting onto the battlefield in a storm of crackling lightning, but also knows the best times to withdraw from combat and set up to perform further hit-and-run attacks.

Unit stats
Model stats
melee skill60
sight40 (5)
charge speed+3
charge range12
charge duration4
charge cooldown6
health regen0.50.530.550.580.610.640.670.70.740.78
energy regen11.
melee skill60616263646566676869
melee damage11.
range damage11.



piercing_pvp damage
35 damage per hit
21.3 damage per second


melee_pvp damage
32 damage per hit
22.86 damage per second

Heavy Gauge Death Spinner


piercing_pvp damage
56 damage per hit
34.09 damage per second


melee_pvp damage
32 damage per hit
22.86 damage per second

Entangling Web


piercing_pvp damage
56 damage per hit
34.09 damage per second


melee_pvp damage
32 damage per hit
22.86 damage per second



melee_heavy damage
75 damage per hit
53.57 damage per second


piercing_pvp damage
35 damage per hit
21.3 damage per second

Melee Resistance Aura

This unit takes 40% less damage from melee weapons. Passive ability.


Teleport to target location within 50 radius. Cooldown 10 seconds. The Warp Spider Exarch's Enhanced Warp Jump Generator decreases his teleport cooldown to 6 seconds and increases the range to 70.

Heavy Gauge Filament
40 and then 3.5 per second

Switches the death spinner to a heavier gauge filament that has a 60% chance to do weapon knockback on hit. Drains 3.5 energy per second and disables energy regeneration when active. Can't knock back an individual model more than once every 4 seconds.


Immobilizes the targeted enemy infantry unit for 5 seconds. Range 20, cooldown 60 seconds.

Group Teleport

Teleports the Warp Spider Exarch and all allied infantry in radius 15 to a targeted location after an 8 second delay. Units preparing to jump are immune to knockback. Maximum jump distance 130. Cooldown 90 seconds.

Phase Shift

Shifts the Warp Spider Exarch and all units within radius 15 out of phase with the physical realm for 10 seconds. Phase shifted units are disabled, invulnerable, and immune to knockback. After the Phase Shift ends, affected units take 40% less damage for 5 seconds. Cooldown 45 seconds.

Anti-Grav Grenade

Throws a grenade which counters gravity in radius 7 for 8 seconds, levitating and disabling infantry units with weapon knockback. Levitated units take 25% less damage. Range 25, cooldown 60 seconds.

Shimmer Orb

Throws a grenade that deploys a Shimmer Orb. The Shimmer Orb persists for 30 seconds and blocks all incoming ranged attacks in radius 10. Units within the Shimmer Orb cannot fire ranged weapons. Range 20, cooldown 50 seconds.

Heavy Gauge Death Spinner  | T1
100 25 20

Grants the Heavy Gauge Filament ability, which adds knockback to the Warp Spider Exarch's ranged attacks. 34.09 piercing DPS ranged, 17.86 melee DPS.

Improved Warp Generator  | T1
100 20 20

Grants the Group Teleport ability. Also increases the Warp Spider Exarch's health by 200 and energy by 100.

Improved Targeters  | T1
100 30 20

Increases weapon range by 7 and ranged damage by 50%.

Entangling Web  | T2
115 30 20

Equips a more powerful dual death spinner (34.09 piercing DPS) and grants the Entangle ability, which immobilizes the targeted enemy infantry unit for 7 seconds.

Enhanced Warp Jump Generator  | T2
150 30 20

Reduces the cooldown of Teleport by 4 seconds and increases jump range by 20. Also increases the Warp Spider Exarch's health and by 100 and energy regen by 1.5 e/s.

Shimmer Orb  | T2
100 20 20

Grants the Shimmer Orb ability, a grenade which emits a barrier that blocks all incoming and disables the ranged weapons of units inside. The units inside are immune to knockback.

Powerblades  | T2
130 30 20

Equips upgraded powerblades, which deal heavy melee damage (53.57 heavy melee DPS) and are effective against all targets. Also increases melee skill by 10 while equipped.

Phase Armor  | T3
125 40 20

Grants the Phase Shift ability, which freezes units around the Warp Spider Exarch while also making them invulnerable. Also increases health by 150.

Anti-Grav Grenade  | T2
100 20 20

Grants the Anti-Grav Grenade ability, which temporarily eliminates gravity in an area of radius 7, disabling enemy infantry with weapon knockback.

Webway Gate  | T1

Build a Webway Gate at the target location, allowing units to move quickly across the battlefield. Takes 25 seconds to build.

Crack Shot  | T1

Increase the ranged damage output of a targeted squad by 25% and weapon range by 7 for 25 seconds. Cooldown 50 seconds.

Spider's Brood  | T2
350 200

Teleport in a Warp Spider Squad to a targeted location. Cooldown 300 seconds.

Summon Autarch  | T2
350 50 150

Summon an Autarch commander equipped with Swooping Hawk wings. Can leap across the battlefield. Passive aura strengthens nearby Eldar infantry. Inspires nearby allies with each kill. If Autarch is racalled, she can be called in again for only 150 red. Cooldown 100 seconds.

Eldritch Storm  | T3

After a 4 second delay, unleashes a terrifying psychic storm that strikes 27 times, each bolt doing 200 explosive damage and ability knockback in radius 6. Vehicles within radius 3 of a bolt are unable to move or attack for 14 seconds, and have their rotation rate reduced by 80%. Starting from the eye of the storm, 9 points are struck with 3 bolts each, with a 0.5 second delay between points, aside from the first, and a 0.3 second delay between bolts. There is a 1 second delay between the first strike and the second. Cooldown 120 seconds.