Lictor Alpha


Lictors are Tyranid creatures that act as specialist scouts and vanguards, roving ahead of the Tyranid swarm to seek out, locate and assassinate potential prey.

Unit stats
Model stats
melee skill70
sight38 (5)
charge speed+3
charge range15
charge duration4
charge cooldown6
health regen0.50.530.550.580.610.640.670.70.740.78
energy regen11.
melee skill70717273747576777879
melee damage11.
range damage11.



melee_pvp damage
40 damage per hit
50 damage per second

Feeder Tendrils


melee_power_weapons_pvp damage
51 damage per hit
63.75 damage per second

Scything Talons


melee_power_weapons_pvp damage
65 damage per hit
81.25 damage per second

Toxin Miasma


melee_pvp damage
52 damage per hit
65 damage per second

Corrosive Claws


melee_power_weapons_pvp damage
51 damage per hit
63.75 damage per second

Melee Resistance Aura

This unit takes 40% less damage from melee weapons. Passive ability.


Become invisible. Attacking or using abilities will partially reveal the squad. Partially revealed units receive damage lowered by 20%. Can be fully revealed by detector units or when capturing points.

Flesh Hooks

Fires terrible barbed hooks at enemy infantry that do 115 sniper damage and pull the target towards you with weapon knockback. Damage scales with leveling (melee modifier). Range 36, 70 second cooldown.

Toxic Burst

The Lictor Alpha releases a cloud of poisonous spores that deal 10 piercing damage every second for 10 seconds to enemies within radius 10 of the Lictor Alpha. Also increases the Lictor's health regeneration by 10 hp/s for the duration. 40 second cooldown.

Assault Leap

Soar through the air and land with a high impact, inflicting 35 piercing damage and doing weapon knockback to everything in radius 10. Range 45, 30 second cooldown.


The Lictor's terrible talons tear through nearby enemies like a scythe, suppressing, knocking them back and dealing 25 piercing damage in a radius of 10. 15 second cooldown.

Pheromone Cloud

Emits a cloud of pheromones at the target location that lasts 18 seconds and allows allied infantry to reinforce. Enemy infantry within radius 15 of the cloud have their damage reduced by 30%. 50 second cooldown.


Force a non-hero, non-terminator infantry unit to retreat back to their HQ. Range 7, 90 second cooldown.

Feeder Tendrils  | T1
100 30 20

Increases the Lictor's offensive power. Each strike against infantry targets heals the Lictor for 1.5% of its maximum health. 63.75 power melee DPS.

Adrenal Glands  | T1
100 25 20

Increases health by 100, health regeneration by 0.1, energy by 50 and energy regeneration by 0.2.

Pheromone  | T1
115 25 15

Grants the Pheromone Cloud ability that reduces the damage of enemy units in the targeted area by 30% and allows allied infantry to reinforce.

Toxin Miasma  | T1
100 25 20

Increases the Lictor's offensive power. Striking enemy units reduces their speed and damage by 25% for 5 seconds, and deals 4.5 piercing damage every second for 3 seconds on hit. 65 melee DPS.

Toxic Cysts  | T2
100 20 15

Grants the Toxic Burst ability which deals 10 piercing DPS to units surrounding the Lictor Alpha, and increases the Lictor's health regenration by 15 hp/s. Also increases health by 100.

The Lone Hunter  | T2
100 30 15

The Lictor Alpha does 50% more damage and takes 25% less damage when not within radius 30 of any allied unit.

Scything Talons  | T2
120 30 20

Increases the Lictor's offensive power. Grants the Scythe ability that suppresses and knocks back nearby enemies. 81.25 power melee DPS.

Deadly Jump  | T2
120 25 20

Grants the Assault Leap ability which allows the Lictor Alpha to jump and knockback surrounding units. Deals 35 piercing damage upon landing. Also increases health by 150.

Menacing Visage  | T3
150 50 15

Grants the Terrify ability which forces an enemy infantry unit to retreat back to its HQ.

Corrosive Claws  | T2
120 30 20

Increases the Lictor's offensive power. Striking enemy units increases the amount of damage they take by 20% and slows by 25% for 5 seconds. 63.75 power melee DPS.

Infestation  | T2

Spawns an Infestation Tower that provides the Capillary Synapse, and can spawn squads of Spore Mines and Rippers. Cooldown 45 seconds.

Stalk  | T1

Reveal enemy commanders on the map and decrease their damage by 10% while increasing the Lictor Alpha's damage by 25% for 20 seconds. Cooldown 50 seconds.

Spore Mines  | T2

Spawns a squad of Spore Mines at the target location. Cooldown 180 seconds.

Without Number  | T3

Calls down mycetic spores which do 25 explosive damage and weapon knockback in radius 9, then spawn a Hormagaunt Brood with Adrenal Glands and a Termagant Brood with Crippling Poison. Tyranid squads within a radius of 35 are reinforced. Reinforcement does not affect allied squads. 240 second cooldown.

Tyranoformation  | T3

After a 3 second delay, 7 Capillary Towers begin to erupt from the ground. The center tower emerges first, doing 175 explosive damage in radius 7. The second, fourth and sixth towers deal 175 explosive damage in a radius 10, while the third and fifth towers deal 50 explosive damage in a radius 7. The final tower deals 50 explosive damage in a radius 10. All towers do ability knockback on emerging and emit a Capillary synapse in radius 45, affecting non-Warrior and non-hero allied Tyranids (increasing ranged damage by 15% and reducing received damage by 15%). Also increases speed of Tyranid commanders and infantry by 50% in a radius 100 for 23 seconds after emerging. 120 second cooldown.