Elite Mod Championship I

Dawn of War II: Elite 1v1 Tournament

EMC I is the first Elite Mod Championship, organized by Eerie. It is played on September 27/28, 2014 using newest veriosn of Elite.





Host settings

  1. Victory Point Control: 500 VPs
  2. Random starting location
  3. Standard resources


  1. The first game of a match in each round is played on a fixed map
  2. Loser picks map in following games from the map pool
  3. Each player can veto a single map during a match, but not the fixed map
  4. No map can be played more than once within a single match

Race selection

  1. The player can pick any commander at any time and must let the other player know their pick.
  2. The picking order is explained in the Commander Choices section of the rules page.