Elite Stats & Leagues

Pale Tooth Gorge • 21:35

Wed 9 Oct 2019 @ 13:45
DoW II Elite
ID: 40031109/38096

DL Zog it

[EL] LocalgHost AP
1949 ± 94 1914 ± 93

Napoleon FS
1398 ± 283 1780 ± 269
00:25Napoleonnot a good idea to play orcs?
00:34[EL] LocalgHostwhy u stop play eldar
00:38[EL] LocalgHostit was important
00:43[EL] LocalgHostthat you practice
00:53Napoleonjust want try try a few different races before i choose to invest in one
01:02[EL] LocalgHostlol
01:10[EL] LocalgHostu should invest in general play
03:09Napoleonaw man
03:46[EL] LocalgHostwrong
04:17Napoleondid not thonik of that
04:17[EL] LocalgHostyeah
04:28[EL] LocalgHostyou sholud read forum post about mechanics
04:38Napoleonany specific forum?
04:42Napoleonor jst elite
09:53Napoleonthat bomb tho
09:56Napoleonso harsh
10:36[EL] LocalgHostseee - the map is all blue
10:45[EL] LocalgHostit's your fault
10:50[EL] LocalgHostyou should cap
12:40Napoleonfeel like the moiment i take my eyes of something it dies
17:10NapoleonNope the orks dont fit me
17:24Napoleonthe may small units is no good for my innatention
17:35[EL] LocalgHost\]
18:53Napoleonthe land raider is not impessed by the deff gun
19:10[EL] LocalgHostrockets
19:27[EL] LocalgHostnobz
19:31[EL] LocalgHostt3
19:40Napoleoni see
20:41Napoleonthats a wipe
20:59Napoleonis it easier to play chaos space marin or regular?
21:08[EL] LocalgHostall races Ok
21:12[EL] LocalgHostchaos better
21:22NapoleonBut i have to use cultist
21:30Napoleonso maybe space marins