Elite Stats & Leagues

Download the Elite Reporter beta

To send game results to our server, you need to run our Elite Reporter app in the background while playing Elite. The app will automatically report outcomes and upload replays after each match. The following game types are included in the skill rating calculations:

  • Automatch games
  • Custom games, if:
    • the rules are Victory Point Control (500)
    • no player sends the chat message ‘Unranked’ (just the one word)

Using Elite Reporter allows us to build our custom leaderboard from these competitive matches, but also to record and present statistics from unrated custom games.



Using Elite Reporter is sufficient for appearing on our leaderboard, but we can also link your forum identity with your game identity (if you have already participated in at least one reported game).

1Play in a match reported via Elite Reporter
The system will record your Relic & Steam ID

2Enter your forum ID or profile URL

3Enter your Relic ID or 64-bit Steam ID
Relic ID format: 10175655 (check yours)
SteamID64 format: 76561197985607672 (check yours)