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Leviathan Hive • 13:42

Fri 27 Jul 2018 @ 1:01
DoW II Elite
ID: 34825723/27508

DL Zog it
11:39The Great Cornholiosse
11:41The Great Cornholioork eco
11:47The Great Cornholiojust get a dread for half the pruice of mine
11:51The Great Cornholioand ist till gonna beat mine in melee
12:00Crewfinitywhat are u smoking
12:07The Great Cornholioits gonna lose in melee
12:08Crewfinityoh wow look at me win
12:21The Great Cornholiocause u are letting it shoot it
12:24Crewfinityso unfair mine costs less
12:24The Great Cornholioin melee it lose
12:29The Great Cornholiodude
12:32Crewfinityno it doesnt
12:32The Great Cornholioits costs less than a dog
12:41Crewfinityyeah and its about on that level
12:47The Great Cornholiou wanna bet?
12:54The Great Cornholiodog has no spash
12:57The Great Cornholiono melee ress
13:03Crewfinityare you really trying to tell me that killa kan beats dread in melee
13:12The Great Cornholiodefautl dread yes
13:18Crewfinityno it doesnt lolol