Elite Stats & Leagues

Calderis Refinery • 26:32

Thu 29 Mar 2018 @ 19:26
DoW II Elite 2.7.2
ID: 33071951/23791

DL Zog it

Devon The Warboss CS
1559 ± 107 1611 ± 105

glutes IN
1915 ± 127 1842 ± 124
Spaceman Uncle
[BH] Rambo-
[SPL] *Hyper Lag Intensifies*
[EL] Fritz
Dr. Maddycakes
00:05glutesboogy im gonna mount your head
00:17#TFWBeatenByAMentalRetardhes a nigga
00:20glutestell rostam to suck my cock
00:33Lupushdf schlitzaugen
00:40glutescant you talk
00:53#TFWBeatenByAMentalRetarddu überköpper
00:56gluteswhen rostam plays
01:27gluteslupus talk
02:22glutesi already have the power sides
02:27glutesso i kinda won
02:35glutesof course i got forced off
02:37glutesso in the eyes of retards i lost
03:07glutesif he was sm id be over already LULULU
03:40glutesretail doesnt count
04:46glutescoprnholio level tic play
05:44glutesso me
06:06gluteswhy cant you go havocs then raptors
06:08glutesand i cant do shit
06:20Devon The Warboss?
06:22Devon The Warbosscome play
07:36#TFWBeatenByAMentalRetardwould u ever get bl
07:41#TFWBeatenByAMentalRetardvs ig without ogryns
09:00gluteshes 12
10:46glutesthey arent useless
10:58glutescus they're a threat
11:00glutesif he went pm id ignore it
11:11Lupusuncles' sister is a threat as well
11:26Uncle WAAAGH!says the instagram comedy star
11:42Uncle WAAAGH!your joke's are as funny as piano's voice
11:54Uncle WAAAGH!use your brain lupus
12:09glutesandreas vibes
12:24glutestfw i cant finish the game despite it being over
14:41glutesshould i go for the other thing
15:38#TFWBeatenByAMentalRetardcurse of tzeentch sad
15:46#TFWBeatenByAMentalRetardno bloob bubble
16:54glutesretard rambo not understanding situation
17:01Devon The Warbosslol
17:08glutesi mean losing the leman was me getting fucked over
17:25glutesnot like im bothered
17:41glutescoudl be worse
20:21glutesbugged out
20:46glutesoh well wouldnt be a fair game if i didnt bug out
20:57Devon The Warbossig with transport xD
21:03gluteschaos vs ig
21:09glutesyou have no right to talk shit
21:13glutesalso bug out means that hotw didnt work
21:14Devon The Warbosslol
21:14glutesto wipe out havocs
21:16gluteswhen it should've
23:14gluteswell i already beat both of them in 5 min
23:59glutesthough it should've been over like when it started lul
24:31glutesand wont melta
26:14gluteslets re
26:20glutesgg im done
26:21La Reina Peach ♪lmao
26:23gluteslost to a noob
26:27glutesholy shit i feel like lupus
26:28Devon The Warbosslol