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Pale Tooth Gorge • 21:16

Thu 11 Jan 2018 @ 7:04
DoW II Elite 2.7.2
ID: 32058893/22167

DL Zog it

ΛrcticFrenzy CL
2083 ± 128 2098 ± 124

PaperBaG WL
1801 ± 199 1768 ± 184
12:55ΛrcticFrenzythis was over youre head
13:48PaperBaGim really drunk have no idea what just happened
13:51PaperBaGhow i lose 3 squad
17:19ΛrcticFrenzyoh how i love intro
18:37PaperBaGshut up
18:42PaperBaGim drunk
18:46ΛrcticFrenzyyou almost won tho..
18:50ΛrcticFrenzyvery nice jobsa
18:59PaperBaGconcede u got 2 wins
19:05PaperBaGthis is bs
19:10PaperBaGi wanna play w u
19:11ΛrcticFrenzyim not responsible
19:13PaperBaGbut be honerable
19:23PaperBaGconcede give me me fucking win i earned 1st game
19:27ΛrcticFrenzyi have no hands in that
19:39PaperBaGgl trying to find anyone to play with
19:49PaperBaGi wanna play its fun
19:55PaperBaGbe honerable and do the right thing
20:03ΛrcticFrenzyyou can defeat me and have
20:03PaperBaGconcede give me my win
20:06ΛrcticFrenzyesl report on
20:11PaperBaGu tricked me
20:13ΛrcticFrenzyhow ?
20:14PaperBaGand i wont forget that
20:18PaperBaGu said it was off
20:22PaperBaGi went random it counted
20:28PaperBaGsure this counts i concede gg
20:32PaperBaGbut u owe me that win
20:39PaperBaGu dropped and fd the system
20:39ΛrcticFrenzyi dont understand
20:49PaperBaGi ddint get cred for win
20:50PaperBaGu got
20:54PaperBaGjcred for all yours
20:58PaperBaGvbc u cheated
21:03PaperBaGthe system by dropping
21:04ΛrcticFrenzythey you must have esl reporter enabled
21:09ΛrcticFrenzyand on site