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Green Tooth Gorge • 19:35

Fri 9 Jun 2017 @ 21:05
DoW II Elite 2.7.0
ID: 29449323/16091

DL Zog it
00:11RTS Culti haven't played dow2 since 2012 seriosly
00:12The great Cornholiocan i ask what hero
00:15RTS CultTM
00:18The great Cornholiotahts along time
00:19The great Cornholiook
00:19The great Cornholiosorc
00:21RTS Cultyeah ;)
00:25RTS Cultbut gameplay feels so good
00:33The great Cornholioits the best rts i played in my life
00:36RTS Cult;)
00:47RTS Culti still need to learn elite stuffs
00:51RTS Cultonly know the old dow2 ret
00:52The great Cornholiosure
05:18The great Cornholioyeah
05:20The great Cornholiomelee the tank
05:23RTS Cult;)
06:26RTS Cultdamn freidnly ;) fire
06:33The great Cornholioaye
09:31RTS Cultplasma devs are always doubled ;P
13:20The great Cornholiodo u have 2 spam p devs
13:24RTS Cultyes
13:29The great Cornholiowhy
13:33RTS Culti like them ;P
13:34RTS Cultno energy
13:36RTS Cultso i can teck
13:42RTS Culttech
14:17The great Cornholioseriously
14:27The great Cornholioif i knew u play like that i wouldt not have joined
14:33RTS Cult;( sry
14:34RTS Cultthis is my styl
14:38The great Cornholioyeah
14:40The great Cornholiogood luck with that
14:43RTS Cult;(
14:47RTS Culti`ll play some other race if not