Elite Mod Carnage Tournament #1 (12th December)

Tournament discussion and registration.
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Elite Mod Carnage Tournament #1 (12th December)

Postby Torpid » Mon 09 Nov, 2020 9:24 am

What is the carnage tournament?

Carnage tournament is a 1v1 tournament format for Dawn Of War 2 Retribution played on the Elite Mod (Patch Hotfix) for the game, that has the unique traits of having 250 VP matches set on the high resource game mode compared to the typical settings in the 1v1 competitive scene of 500 VPs and standard resources. This immediately changes the best strategies for the game mode as well as allowing for faster individual games.

How does it work?
It is a double elimination bracket with either a BO3 or BO5 initial rounds with semi-randomised seeding based on the ESL ladder. Final round of the winners bracket and the final match will both be BO7. All loser's bracket rounds will be BO3 excluding the finals which will be BO5.

Hero and map picks work in a similar manner to the Elite League wherein players must lockin a preset "cast" of heroes before the event starts and can only play one game with each hero haivng to swap each time UNLESS THEIR HERO IS RANDOM. Likewise maps rotate from game to game and the same map cannot be played twice in a single series.

Map pick:
The first map of each round of the tournament is pre-set as per the tournament bracket by the organiser. After each round in a series the loser of the series picks the next map. There is an opportunity to veto the chosen map of your opponent after they select it. You may use this option twice per series. You may not veto the pre-set maps.

The map pool for this tournament is:
Ashes of Typhon
Calderis Desert
Calderis Refinery
Doom of Tularis
Fedrid Folley
Fortuna Sanctum
Green tooth Gorge
Green tooth Jungle Redux Fixed
Jarilo's Forge
Judgment of Carrion
Legis High Stratum
Leviathan Hive
Outer Reaches
Quest's Heresy
Sector 95
Seraph Palace
Siwal Frontier
Vulcan Pits

Once the map selection has been confirmed you move onto hero picks.

Hero Picks:
The player must post in this thread 7 heroes that they are bringing into the event. See below for hero pool. Once sign-in has been completed players will not be able to change their heroes again.
Hero picks only occur AFTER the map selection is confirmed and locked in. Ordinarily the player that is in the top segment of their section of the bracket has to lock in first.

The hero pool for this tournament is:
ALL HEROES ARE ALLOWED, including random. A player is permitted to pick the "random" hero as many times as they want in one series. Furthermore "random" only counts as one hero pick, and you can have another 6 picks in addition to that.

Additional rules of the tournament are as follows:
1) In any given game a player may only have constructed at that time a maximum of 3 "structures" defined as the following buildings/entities/units:
Techmarine turret. Plague Champion turret. IG-las turret. Imperial Guard bunker. Space Marine Relay Beacon. Mekboy turret. Ork waaaaggghh banner. Chaos shrine of any affilitation. Brood nest. Hive Node.
2) If a player disconnects/crashes/de-syncs/sound-bugs for any reason he forfeits the game UNLESS A) It is clear to an impartial audience the game was in his favor. B) The opponent allows him the rematch or victory. C) A referee deems the game "close" AND the game was less than 6minutes in.

When will this take place?
The tournament will start at 17:00 UTC on the 12th December 2020. Players must sign in for the tournament showing their availability within the hour prior to tournament commencement. Failure to sign into the tournament beforehand will lead to disqualification. You "sign in" by joining the DOW2 Elite community discord and typing "signing in" in the tournament channel.

The intention will be to finish the tournament on the day however the viability of this depends on the amount of participants as well as the longevity of the games. Effort will be made to accomodate finalists in any situation and the event finals can be rearranged for a later date if need be.

Is there are a prize?
Starting prize will be £50. With every participant in the tournament this will increase by £2.50 up until a maximum of 64 participants. 1st place takes all the $.

2nd place will be receive a code for the Iron Harvest real time tactics video game on steam.

Donations to the prize pool are welcome and appreciated. Contact myself via PM on here or on discord to arrange such - we should encourage new game modes and playstyles as much as possible to stop the meta of this game from stagnated and encourage innovation.

Are there any requirements to join?
No! Get joining 'ya gitz.

Okay, I want in, what do I have to do to join?
1) Choose 7 heroes you want to play with in the event and post them below as well as linking your steam account.
2) Join the DOW2 community discord at https://dawnofwar.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3919 so that you can sign in on the day.
3) Train the game mode and come up with mad cheese
4) Turn up on the day 1h early remembering to sign in.
5) Profit?

Any further questions, ask below.
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Re: Elite Mod Carnage Tournament #1

Postby Torpid » Mon 09 Nov, 2020 9:30 am

Reserved for hero picks.
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Re: Elite Mod Carnage Tournament #1 (12th December)

Postby Xarion17 » Sun 15 Nov, 2020 3:35 pm

Actually i should play in this, seems fun but need to be tested
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Re: Elite Mod Carnage Tournament #1 (12th December)

Postby Torpid » Sat 21 Nov, 2020 3:48 am

This event is now postponed until 2021 thanks to a big Iron Harvest tournament that I need to win/train for.
Lets make Ordo Malleus great again!

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