Different 3v3 game modes

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Different 3v3 game modes

Postby lomors » Mon 18 Nov, 2019 1:43 pm

Hey guys.

Since I am travelling a lot this year I don't have much time to play but I try to follow everything that's happening in elite. After seeing last patch notes I started thinking a bit more about the ways to make elite more interesting. Now, this thread is purely theoretical as I don't have any assets nor abilities to make anything happen in elite.

But I was thinking: since we clearly have some talented map-makers around here, maybe that'd be possible to make elite a little bit more interesting without needing any new resources (models, animations, codes etc.). I believe it could be possible just by manipulating map spawning points for bases, making corridors-like spaces etc.

I've had many ideas in my head like last-stand like mirror maps where one team swarms second team's heroes which try to hold a single vp etc. Now I don't know if that'd be even possible, but I'd just like just to see if anyone around here has been thinking about it, and even if you think communnity would interested in anything other than 1v1 competetive playstyle and 2v2/3v3 more for fun matches we currently have.
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Re: Different 3v3 game modes

Postby crog » Mon 18 Nov, 2019 8:51 pm

I would love to have something similar to footmen frenzy from warcraft3, or base defence with spawning units like last stand. However, Is that even possible?

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