Orks vs. Space Marines

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Orks vs. Space Marines

Postby Element » Mon 11 Nov, 2019 5:20 am

I was just wondering of everyone's thoughts on this M.U. Don't misunderstand I don't play this game well, but I do reilz whenthre seems to be a mismatch in the 1:1 unit categories. It seems that Every where on sjust lost. Sluggas to scouts, tacs, to shootas, asm to stormboys,the devs are more so reliable than the devs due to their snare on the lascannon even though Ido lkethe damage which comes from the beamy. but Call me old fashioned, synergy is more valuable than just straight up damage.

Not to mention this is a t2 game where once S.M pulls out the assault cannon dread, it seems that they are ust so far ahead of you. because of how reliable an infantry killer it is. And 2 Assault cannon dreads will put away any game even if you go to t3 with fc support due to the teleporting powerfist combo. So I'm at a stump of how to engage when, it seems I'm being kited, and not able to case any losses.

What kind of strategic objectives do Orks need to do win? Because it seems like bashing is the only hope with a deff dread early in t2, to stop the assault cannon dread because if it comes out, it's almost like gg.
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Re: Orks vs. Space Marines

Postby Nurland » Sun 08 Dec, 2019 11:31 am

I mean... Tacs are a shoota counter. Sluggas counter tacs. Scouts counter sluggas and shootas counter scouts.

So you should avoid fighting tacs with ahootas unless you have a clear advantage (ie upgrades or cover).

You try to force off scouts so they cant protect tacs from sluggas or support asm and the sluggas mess with the heavy infantry and whatnot. Also, painboy is amazing especially if the sm doesn't go for devs.
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Re: Orks vs. Space Marines

Postby Tex » Wed 11 Mar, 2020 11:15 am

The crux of this matchup for orks is: don't get stuck in T2.

Against AC dread usage or spam - which is completely advisable against an ork opponent as FC - click the auto build button for looted tanks. You will likely need a weirdboy or trippa shot if you use knob to safely disable a teleporting FC, but these tanks are so good against SM because they kill the heavy infantry blobs better than anything else orkz have whilst not being vulnerable at all to the AC dread, and are able to get themselves out of trouble from lascannons with their long range disruption ability.

If you are stuck in T2, you have to use beamy lootas. They don't lose firepower from losing models, and that's the main issue with tankbustas against AC dreads. It's not ideal, but its better than bleeding a million models.

If you don't want to use beamy lootas, then you need to use tankbustas combined with a wartrukk. Be warned though, you will need to constantly pop them in and out to avoid getting absolutely obliterated by the gun sweep.

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