Clan Wars 3 Announcement October 2019

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Clan Wars 3 Announcement October 2019

Postby Torpid » Thu 12 Sep, 2019 4:48 am

Clan wars is back with a vengeance kicking off in October! Get involved now, entry is open to all in a clan - contact your clan master to sign up as a team and get involved. Please post below if you will be available on these dates and are willing to play as well as providing a link to your steam profile and what clan you are in.

If you are not yet in a clan but want to participate find out how you can join a clan by reading this - <>

By the very nature of clan wars there are no set brackets as there are never any set players and clan masters can substitute in players as they see fit. As games occur please save the replays and pass them onto Torpid or Impregnable so that we can then input them into the spreadsheet to record the games and determine the impat on individual player's clan ratings, as well as the actual points gained from each clan so we can declare a victor!

Due to a game breaking bug Incinerator Purgation are banned. Though you may still buy Purgation in T2 to instantly swap them to psilencers/beamers.

1. Time & Date
The event will be held on 2 weekends in late October.

Date: 19th/20th/26th/27th October 2019.
Time: 5 pm UTC On Saturdays. 11am UTC on Sundays.

Two clans will fight each other Saturday night at 5pm using the NA/EU timeframe. On Sunday morning at 11am the other two clans will fight each other using the EU/Asian timeframe.

The week after the clans alternate the timezone they are playing in by swapping days and opponents.
Clan Match Ups for this event are set to be as follows, but may be subject to change closer to the time based on whether or not suitable teams can be created from the clan based on timezones:

Saturday 19th = BH vs WTG
Sunday 20th = EL vs SPL
Saturday 26th = BH vs EL
Sunday 27th = WTG vs SPL

This way we avoid the SPL vs BH and WTG vs EL MUs that have both already occurred twice in clan wars history.

2. Who can join? Anyone in a clan assuming they get permission from their clan master to fight in the clan's name! Clan wars is intended for new players and all skill levels are welcome. The point system directly encourages mixing veterans with lower level players to maximise your points.

3. What is the format?
Victory Point Control: 500 VPs
Starting Location: Random
Resources: Standard
- The event will consist of 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 game modes.
- The event will be played on the 2.9.2 patch.

Every day that the clan wars takes place we will aim to achieve the following games played:

1) A series of 3 separate 3v3 matches.

2) A clan vs clan BO3 series of 2v2 matches. Wherein the maximum ratings a clan master may deploy for his teams is 300. Ratings can be seen here - ... YLfnApSTHo

3) A clan vs clan BO5 series of 1v1 matches. Wherein the maximum ratings and clan master may deploy for his teams is 300.

4. How do the points work and how do you win the event?
The points achieved for winning a game differ based on the average rating your team has. Essentially it is set up so that if you can win with a lower rating you will get far more points, and if the enemy has a far higher rating than you you will even gain some points for a loss. All points are added up at the end and divided by the number of games that you played to determine the winner.

In this clan wars you will only achieve points for winning the entire BO3 2v2 series, or the entire BO5 1v1 series, no points are gained for individual game victories.

Score Table
+ Rating Difference Win =1 game point
0 ~ -19 Difference Win = 1 game point
-20 ~ -49 Rating Difference Win = 2 game point
More than -50 Rating Difference Win = 3 game point

+ Rating Difference Loss = 0 game point
0 ~ -19 Rating Difference Loss = 0 game point
-20 ~ -49 Rating Difference Loss = 0 game point
More than -50 Rating Difference Loss = 1 game point

1v1 & 2v2

+ Rating Difference Win = 2 game point
0 ~ -19 Rating Difference Win = 3 game point
-20 ~ -49 Rating Difference Win = 4 game point
More than -50 Rating Difference Win = 5 game point

+ Rating Difference Loss = 0 game point
0 ~ -19 Rating Difference Loss = 0 game point
-20 ~ -49 Rating Difference Loss = 0 game point
More than -50 Rating Difference Loss = 1 game point

4. Hosting and Refereeing.
- As this is not a competitive format there is no need for referees, but clan wars organisers or clan masters act as referees on these matters.
- There are no official rules for what to do in the event of bug abuse or soundbugs etc, these are left to the discretion of clan masters/organisers.
- Clan Masters are expected to host lobbies themselves with their appropriate teams or to organise that their team does so on their behalf.
- Outcomes of all games must be reported back to your clan master or the event organiser, which in this case is Torpid & Impregnable.

5. Maps & hero picks.
The lower rating player/team gets to pick the map first in any series or for a 3v3.
Subsequent maps in a series are picked by the loser of the previous game.

Heroes are locked in a team at a time, rather than each individual player at a time. The higher rating player/team chooses their hero(es) first. The first hero pick then alternates between each clan regardless of who won the prior game until the series ends.

Vetoes exist in the 1v1 format only and just for hero picks, not maps. 1 veto per clan per series.

In the event of equal starting ratings it is up to players to decide who picks first though an alternative if clan masters are around is to PM your clan master your pick(s) which will then be confirmed by them, and they wll communicate with the other clan master to check they have finished selecting, then you select your heroes at that point simultaneously when both clan masters agree to "select heroes".

6. Map Pool.

Ashes of Typhon
Calderis Refinery
Green Tooth Gorge
Green Tooth jungle Rx
Judgement of Carrion
Leviathan Hive
Outer Reaches
Quests Heresy
Siwal Frontier
Fedrid Folly
Jarilos Forge
Vulcan Pits
Calderis Desert
Selenon Island
Seraph Palace

Ancestors Rest
Argus Desert Gate
Ashes of Typhon
Calderis Refinery
Desert Showdown
Golgotha Depths
Judgement of Carrion
Lyredon Thrall
Medean Cliff Mines
Ruins of Argus
Tharsis Forge

TBC - I will discuss the 3v3 map pool for this event later today, and edit it when finalised.

That concludes everything you need to know about Clan Wars 3! I hope to see you there on the day representing your clan onto glory.
Lets make Ordo Malleus great again!

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