Clans in Elite Mod - What are they and why have them?

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Clans in Elite Mod - What are they and why have them?

Postby Torpid » Wed 11 Sep, 2019 11:21 pm

This thread will talk about the Elite Mod clans. What they are and why exactly we have them. Any further questions about them or based on the content discussed in this initial post, simply respond below.

The current clans for the Elite Mod can be seen below. Links to their recruitment pages will be added here as the recruitment threads are made.
1. Elite Mod Clan list

BH (The BrotherHood)
Clan Leader - Rambo, Torpid.

EL (Emperor’s Loyalists)
Clan Leader (Paige) - EL General Problem, EL Emperor of Mankind

WTG (Wigglytuff guild)
Clan Leader - Toilailee

SPL (Sojux's Paradox League)
Clan Leader - Boogyman

2. Goals/Purposes of forming Clans
Clans serve below purposes for new players

-Provides a feeling of belonging to a certain group/community where there are people who care about each player.

-Solves the problem of not being able to find people to play by adding each other in the same clan and other clans. Quite a lot of players have trouble doing this friend list build up process on their own when they start as a new player. Clans can help to be a medium to
Provide shelter from abusive languages and provides a place to joke around.

-Whether someone receives something as a joke or abusing really depends upon knowing each other or not. Being in a clan allows for new players to know tendencies of other players by playing with them so that they can distinguish between jokes and abuse.

-Also as clans include well established players of the community, they can serve as mentors for new players who can ask for help in case they have been subjected to abuse.

-Provides a safe environment where they can practice with players of similar skill level.

-Provides opportunity for new player to learn from more skilled players.

In order to then further solidify these above goals of clans Clan War events are held.

3. Clan Wars Events.
Below outlines the purpose of the clan wars events which take place roughly every 3months or so in order to try to facilitate the above goals of clans. Specific details on how Clan Wars actually take place can be found on their own specific thread here, but the TL;DR is it is a rolling yearly league format designed to bring high level vets and low level new players together in team games, and for 1v1 tuition. On the days of the clan wars clans square off against one another with pre-selected teams chosen by their clan masters in 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 victory point game modes. You get extra points for winning games in which your players have lower ratings. After every game all players participating have their "clan wars rating" adjusted. Also some game modes may have a cap on how much player rating can be deployed per clan war day, thus encouraging clan masters to try to form powerful teams of lower level players who through consistent training together can take on higher rating teams from other clans who have less synergy and thus grant their clan lots of points! Further details found here: <>

Otherwise the Goals/Purposes of Clan War events are discussed below.
Clan Wars is not for figuring out who is the strongest player or which one is the strongest clan. In short, it is not a MRT or a League where players compete to see who has better skill than the other. As such, it has very different priorities compared to normal tournaments and leagues.

It serves below purposes:
-Clan War serves a purpose of binding each clan members for a common purpose.
-Clan War provides an environment where new players can practice and learn under low level pressure.
-Clan War exists to motivate new players to perform better but not totally overwhelm them to an extent where they get completely crushed without a chance to offer resistance.
-Clan War provides an instant feedback opportunity from higher level players.

4. Joining a Clan
The process to join a clan is relatively simple as all it requires is for you to join the official community discord (link for which is found here <> ) and contact one of the clan masters and get their approval to join their clan. Because of the ethos of Elite Mod Clan Wars most clans do not place restrictions on entry other than ethical ones. That means new players are very welcome, but this cannot be said for every clan necessarily. To check have a look at the specific Clan Recruitment pages linked at the top of this thread.

Once you have decided on a clan to join either post a response on this forum on the specific thread for that clan's recruitment, or join the discord and message a clan master there. You will then find in the discord itself you will get a role representing your entry into that clan and a clan wars administrator will then add you onto the membership spreadsheet for the clans.

In your post/message you will need to describe the following things to make it easier for the clan master to evaluate your potential for fitting into clan wars combat as well as being able to input data about you onto the spreadsheet so that it is easier to organise clan vs clan games in which everyone is available.

"Additional information that is requested for anyone that wants to join is a rough playtime in hours for DOW2, which races you play as, which game modes you prefer, and what time zone you are in and what time period is best for you to play in on both Saturdays & Sundays as it is on these days that Clan Wars are most likely to happen. Remember you are in no obligation to participate in the clan wars merely because you join a clan. Rather, by being in a clan you are enabled to play in the clan wars if you, and your clan master, so wish."

All members of current clans can be seen here, on the membership spreadsheet - <!166&ithint=file%2cxlsx&authkey=!AGbFvYLfnApSTHo>

This spreadsheet also collates all the results from the previous clan wars battles and the points each clan gained for themselves.

We hope to see you in a clan soon and fighting in the clan wars. May blood be spilled in the glorious arenas of Khorne.
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Re: Clans in Elite Mod - What are they and why have them?

Postby SaintKelly » Thu 12 Sep, 2019 12:33 am

Do I get a medium tiddy Eldar gf if my clan wins?
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Re: Clans in Elite Mod - What are they and why have them?

Postby yang wendy » Thu 12 Sep, 2019 1:41 am

I'm glad to see your enthusiasm for revitalizing the clans Torpid. And if anyone from WTG wants to message me to start setting up matches to begin coordinating as team members for 2v2 or 3v3, please message through the discord channel and Hit me up.


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