3d Max can't import models

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3d Max can't import models

Postby Caisio » Tue 18 Jun, 2019 2:30 am

Hi, i'm new here so not sure if there is still any activity for mods (i understand is kinda dead?/lost knowledge of the ancients kinda thing) , and i hope someone can help me with this problem.
-i have 3d max 2009x64 and 3d max 2019x64
-i have santos tools 0.7 DEV
-cc2sga extractor
I installed everything following this guide http://forums.warforge.ru/lofiversion/i ... 18467.html

Now, i managed to get the model viewer to work fine, but when i go to to max and i try to import a model i get this error: Input file is outside current module. (this happens in both versions of 3d max).
I have the correct module selected (made the same model_editor.module and edited it) and nothing. (i am trying to open the .model files from my new created model_editor folder as shown in the guide.)
Then i ran the ST2Modules script with the listener and when i try to import a model i get this error : --Unknown property: "folder" in undefined.

Not sure if the problem is in there or this is unrelated

Thanks for any help

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