Torpid's Twitch And Youtube Channel

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Torpid's Twitch And Youtube Channel

Postby Torpid » Thu 02 May, 2019 6:01 am

Just an update for any of you guys who aren't yet aware, or anyone interested that reads this, I'm active again on both youtube and Twitch. I plan on maintaining a constant name over the 4 platforms of youtube, twitch, discord and steam and that name is "Senpai Torpid Dow". ... WsF0tTAv-Q - This is my youtube channel where I shall be a minimum of 1 upload a week, usually around 5am friday morning, or late on the thursday night. - Here is my Twitch channel where I do random streams, not yet got a schedule for Twitch, but Monday is my most common day to stream on, unfortunately I work on most weekends so miss the most popular gaming times. VODs of my streams can be found on Twitch up to 2weeks after their streaming however if they are of a particular event/tournament I will rip them to be used on my youtube, and if there are good games in a long twitch stream series I will edit them out and put them onto youtube.

Any suggestions on how to improve my content are welcome, do feel free to post such here. I am aware I lack proper thumbnails for my videos, I'm working on that. Also, mild none-intrusive follower notifications are a thing in the works as well as a "brb/we will commence in X" style of background screen/layer for my streams.
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Re: Torpid's Twitch And Youtube Channel

Postby Atlas » Thu 02 May, 2019 6:31 am

Perfect thank you! Don't have anything to say about it just yet though.
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