Flesh Over Steel upon Tyranid Carnifexes

Issues dealing with gameplay balance.
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Flesh Over Steel upon Tyranid Carnifexes

Postby Element » Wed 13 Feb, 2019 12:12 am

Hey there everybody, so I have relatively began playing as the Force Commander, having played the Apo so long, that being said, coming upon this particular match-up I was surprised to see that I couldn't use the ability on a giant looming monstrous creature which is practically a tank in that of itself. What are the Balance reasons as to why this is not the case, given I'd imagine that must be the only reason after this long such a change hasn't been implemented to include them as being a unit capable of being effected in that of a similar way to a armored vehicle unit, In addition are Tyrant Guard, The Swarm-lord, The Great Unclean One, and the Avatar also not susceptible to Flesh Over Steel? thanks in advance.
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Re: Flesh Over Steel upon Tyranid Carnifexes

Postby LOCALgHOST » Wed 13 Feb, 2019 9:07 am

They are not "Steel" and they are not "Vehicles".

So - no, they are not affected by your fist. And they should not be. Which is sad for me as SM player :)
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Re: Flesh Over Steel upon Tyranid Carnifexes

Postby Sex - Murder - Art » Wed 13 Feb, 2019 1:25 pm

Giant monsters like Avatar and GUO are also not effected by this ability. Because they are monsters, not vehicles.
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Re: Flesh Over Steel upon Tyranid Carnifexes

Postby Black Relic » Sat 16 Feb, 2019 6:25 am

Why did no one say "because all of those have flesh."

But in all seriousness. Nids have enough problems with FC we should not add more. The avatar has enough problems with SM. Lets not add more to the list. Chaos has an issue with FC sometimes. Lets not add more to the list.

FC doesn't need indirect buffs.
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