Split Battlecry into 2 abilities?

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Split Battlecry into 2 abilities?

Postby Oddnerd » Sat 09 Feb, 2019 3:40 am

One subject of argument this patch has been the telespammer combo on the force commander and how it is complete mindless cheese that makes him counter enemies he isn't supposed to.

The hammer is supposed be an anti-melee weapon that lets FC shut down aggressive melee builds and also go toe-to-toe with other offensive commanders in melee. Thanks to the teleporter, he can now teleport into enemy ranged units and fuck them up. I know some people think offensive commanders shouldn't even have teleport to begin with, and I am sympathetic to that - but I would argue that the thing that is unforgivably imbalanced about the telespammer is that it allows him to make specials so frequently that units become trapped in a perma-knockback that they can't escape from save retreating - because the time it takes for them to get back up and regain coherency in order to run away exceeds the time it takes for the FC to make another attack with BC active.

I would propose splitting battlecry into 2 abilities: 1 that is just an aoe damage buff to allies, and the other that is a single on-demand special attack. I propose this because I think battlecry is just an inherently stupid ability by design. Not only is 15 seconds of constant aoe knockback with damage cheesy, but it can also be frustrating for the FC because sometimes you just want your guy to make a normal attack... there is no control once the ability pops (This is why I dislike randomly activating special attacks in general - having your idiot commander activate a special when he could have smacked the last retreating enemy model to death is annoying). The new ability would be lower cost, allowing for it to be used several times in an engagement, but would have just enough of a cooldown so that you couldn't just mindlessly trap enemies in a state of permanent knockback - particularly units with a lot of models. The FC player would stand to benefit too, because with a bit of micro, you now have more control over the exact timing of your specials, and can also switch back to normal attacks if the situation demands it. You also wouldn't have to wait a minute for the cooldown if you have more than one engagement in a short period of time.

TL:DR: Splitting BC into two spells might mean less cheese for those facing the FC and more control over specials for the FC. Or it could be a disaster, I don't play enough SM to know.
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Re: Split Battlecry into 2 abilities?

Postby Paranoid Kamikaze » Mon 11 Feb, 2019 12:39 am

Tele is supposed to help FC get into ranged enemies XD It stops you from taking damage on the way in and immediately stops suppression platforms. Anyways, not really worth 40 power to get to a ranged unit unless it's for a specific reason where you can't otherwise. Alacrity is cheaper and often good enough. The FC is a melee commander that needs to get into close range to hit things and buff his troops or he does nothing so getting in is very important.

The chain knockback is useful for shutting down a commander tying up one of your units. In terms of dps it's usually worse than just regularly hitting them unless you're buffing a large army.
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Re: Split Battlecry into 2 abilities?

Postby Black Relic » Sat 16 Feb, 2019 6:30 am

That would actually buff the FC. The Hammer tracking special is bs in the tracking does damage. Which it shouldn't. Units within and the 6.5 or 7 radius AOE should take damage and be knockedback imo.

But that is were it ends with the battle cry. If popped the enemy can kite him effectively since the FC cannot get a swing off that hits since he auto special attacks. But you pop that ability also buffs allies.

If the ability was split, i could then buff my army with no downside since if i am later rushed by melee i can still have the auto special ability available. This makes the FC too flexible.
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Re: Split Battlecry into 2 abilities?

Postby Sex - Murder - Art » Sat 16 Feb, 2019 7:16 am

Ffs! I don't get why you people always cry about telehammer. It's not that hard to deal with it, trust me. The only faction that may have struggle with is IG, and to be honest, even they can come up with something decent.

Just get a fucking tank out. Thats all you need.

If Atlas really wants to stop this baby tears forever, here is a suggestion. Write some kind of '' if '' code, and do not allow teleporter to be equiped with hammer.

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