I bet you 25 € Orks can't win a 1v1 cup #3

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I bet you 25 € Orks can't win a 1v1 cup #3

Postby FuFuSchmeri » Thu 28 Mar, 2024 11:10 am

- 50€ 1st prize but 75€ if you play Orks once per bo3 and twice in finals (mirrors count as half a game).
- comming Sunday April 21st at 17:00 CEST ~ 6h tournament
- Double eliminaton with all games bo3, once you drop to loosers bracket, 3. place is best you can reach (winner bracket final is grand final, loser bracket final is fight for 3. place - 20 €)
- BO5 finals (both)
- FuFu/League rules on picks and vetos

Brackets Link (reshuffled before start):

Short "What to do?" Summary for the lazy People:
- you tell me by DM or post here that you want to join
- you check in 60 to 15 min before the cup (tell me in discord or steam that you will actually be there or how late you will be)
- I'll reshuffle the brackets from 15 min to 0 min before the cup
- you find your oponent and make a lobby for the BO3 series and start esl
- you roll the map in discord (all maps are rolled)
- may veto the map
- you flip a coin in discord. The winner picks first in game one (the winner can't decide which pick he wants)
- the player who picks first and tells race
- the other player picks and tells a hero
- the player who picked first now picks and anounces his hero
- may veto a hero at any point (this can lead to a forced hero in g2 and a blocked race in g3)
- stomp, chop, shoot
- looser of the last game can decide who has to pick race and who has to pick hero after
- if you win a BO3 you go to the next round, if you loose you go to loosers bracket and advance or drop out to finally watch some stream in peace

1. When does it start?
Date: Sunday April 21st 2023
Time: 17:00 CEST
Convert to your timezone here >>> https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=I+bet+you+25+%E2%82%AC+Orks+can%27t+win+a+1v1+cup+%233&iso=20240421T17&p1=37&ah=6

2. Who can join?
Anyone can join regardless of skill level.

3. What is the format?
Victory Point Control: 500 VPs
Starting Location: Random
Resources: Standard
- The tournament will be played in the 1 v 1 double elimination format.
- The tournament will be played on the current patch at the day of the cup.
- BO3, finals and games for 3. place BO5

4. When does a game count?
- Contact the organizer asap if there is any trouble.
1/ Both players have to use the ESL Reporter (or save the replay and agree that this was the game in question, replay save and share is mandatory if you have an esl block active - looking at you Inekura and Bloodra1N!).
2/ Both players type L within the first minute. If an admin is present then 1 player typing L is enough.
3/ Players should contact each other and host the room.
- Organizing is done at "event-chat" channel of DoWII: Elite Mod Community Discord.
4/ It is the duty of the hosting player to contact the organizer regarding scores after all sets of a match conclude.
5/ There is a possibility no referees are available so I expect each player to know the rules by his or her heart.
6/ It would be great if observer slots can help out players in game lobby in regards to rules.

5. Maps & hero picks.
- !fufuroll in Discord "map-and-coin roller"-channel to get the map (all games unless players just agree on one)
- any map can only be played once per match
- /flip in Discord "map-and-coin roller"-channel
- map vetos may be placed after a map is rolled
- in case of heads the higher ranked player starts with picking a race, in case of tails the bottom player starts
- the one who starts, picks a race (not a hero) and announces it in the in-game chat
- the one who follows picks a hero for himself and announces it in the in-game chat
- starting player now anounces his hero pick within the race he anounced
- any hero can only be played once per match and player (unless random)
- any player can veto a hero after the other one called race or hero. If the race player already played a hero of that race, it limits him to the remaining one. If he already played 2 heros, he has to change his race pick.
- Random can't be vetoed
- while map veto is permanent, hero veto only lasts one map
- overall, one hero and map veto per player and match
- who ever lost the last game can decide who picks first (race) and who second (hero) for the next map

6. Punishment for Not playing in time/Disconnections/Tardiness/Toxicity (what is wrong with you guys? smh)

- Both players may agree on a rematch
- If they don't, the default would be a loss for the offender
- The offender only gets a rematch, if he was ahead by the standards of a referee
- When the organizer or the referee deems there are too many rematches to the point it is delaying the tournament severely, a special rule is introduced to speed up the progress. The offender loses disconnected/dropped game. ESL reporter replays are used as a proof.

Tardiness (Playoffs)
- In case of tardiness, the organizer waits for the player as long as possible until the point is reached when awaiting further will result in delaying the progress of the tournament. If the offender does not arrive before reaching that point of no return, he or she is eliminated from the tournament or replaced by a backup.

- no bodily harm threats and racial/heritage insults

7. Map Pool
Ashes of Typhon Redux
Calderis Desert
Calderis Refinery
Fedrid Folly
Fortuna Sanctum
Green Tooth Gorge
Green Tooth Jungle Redux Fixed
Imperial Plaza
Selenon Island
Seraphs Palace
Siwal Frontier
Solstice Plateau
Tiamet's Paradise
Vulcan Pits

8. How to Sign up?
- Make a post in this thread, in the Discord "even-chat"-channel pinging me or DM me
- tell your division, Steam and Discord link if I don't have you already

9. Prize Pool.
Winner: 50€, 75€ if you play Orks at least once per BO3 (twice in case of mirrors) and twice in finals (3x if it's mirrors)
Second place: 30€ no doubleing in case of Orks, cause that's not a win.
Third place: 20€ no doubleing in case of Orks, cause that's not a win.
Anyone can add to that as they whish, just DM me.
Donators: 50€ Arthur, 50/75€ FuFu

10. Observers, Streamers, Casters
- As this could be used for cheating, players can decide to kick everyone but offical streamers, organizers and referees
- to become an offical streamer, aks me to add you to the list below
- offical streamers have to actiivate a delay of at least 2 min when once of the players ask for it

11. Forbidden Abuses and other Stuff
- Pathfucking with the big heroes
- Pathfucking with TG in shieldwall
- If you use camera mods, you may play but you are excluded from prize money

referees/co-organizers: FuFuHunt3r,
streamers/casters: FuFuHunt3r,

General disclaimer:
- The organizer (I, FuFu) has the right to alter any rules during the tournament to adapt to various needs that arise.
- I will refrain from altering rules during the tournament as best as I can in order to keep consistency in applying rules but will not hesitate to intervene if the need arises.
- Please step forward, if you want to be a referee or co-organizer.
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Re: I bet you 25 € Orks can't win a 1v1 cup #3

Postby Cry » Thu 28 Mar, 2024 1:45 pm


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