Hall of Pain II - 2v2 Cup

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Hall of Pain II - 2v2 Cup

Postby Bloodra1N » Sun 28 Jan, 2024 4:57 pm

WHAT: A two-day 2v2 tournament.
WHEN: The next weekend after the patch is released at 17:00 GMT+1 / CEST.
WHERE: Event Chat thread in Elite Mod Community Discord server.
WHO can participate: Anyone regardless of skill level. You can register alone - in this case, you will be merged into a team with a random player before the start of the tournament if possible.
HOW to register: Write down your and your teammate's (if you have one) info in this forum thread or to me in Discord directly:
- Nickname(s)
- Heroes pick(s)
- Steam profile(s) link(s)

CHEK IN: Confirm participation an hour before the tournament starts in Discord's Event Chat thread OR this forum thread.

[Game Settings]

Game version: Elite
Game mode: 2v2
Game settings:
- Victory Point Control: 500 VPs
- Starting Location: Random (including re-game cases)
- Starting Resources: Standard

[Race / Hero Pick]

- 3 heroes pick per player or random (you don't need to announce the race/hero if you go random).
- You can't repeat heroes in bo2/bo3 and must win with each hero once in bo5.
- If the game is replayed, the player with a random race has to be random again.


1st day, Saturday (Round Robin):
- Each team plays each other in the bo1 (if >8 teams registered) OR bo2 (if <=8 teams registered) series in round order.
- Teams receive one point for each map won.
- The top 6 teams with maximum points advance to KotH-like Playoffs.
- Points ties are broken in the following order:
1) Number of map wins between the tied teams;
2) Tiebreaker matches;
3) Coin toss.

Pick orders for Round Robin:
- Team A (top team), Team B (bottom team).
- The number of players (A1, A2, B1, B2) are determined by the opening ban of the opposite team.

bo1 (if >8 teams registered):
The map is fixed for each round (will be specified in the bracket) -> Team A bans hero for B1 player -> Team B bans hero for A1 player -> Team B picks hero for B1 player -> Team A picks hero for A1 player -> Team B bans hero for A2 player -> Team A bans hero for B2 player -> Team A picks hero for А2 player -> Team B picks hero for B2 player

bo2 (if <=8 teams registered):
Game 1: Team A picks 1st map -> Team B picks 1st hero -> Team A picks 2 heroes -> Team B picks 2nd hero.
Game 2: Team B picks 2nd map -> Team A picks 1st hero -> Team B picks 2 heroes -> Team A picks 2nd hero.

2nd day, Sunday (KotH-like Playoffs):
- The seed of each team is based on the Round Robin results (example).
- Matches are bo3 until the Grand Final, which is bo5.

Pick orders for KotH-like Playoffs:
- Team A (higher seed), Team B (lower seed).
Game 1: The map is fixed (will be specified in the bracket) -> Team A picks 1st hero -> Team B picks 2 heroes -> Team A picks 2nd hero.
Game 2 and beyond: Looser Team picks the map -> Winners Team picks 1 hero –> Looser Team picks 2 heroes -> Winner Team picks 2nd hero.

[Map Pool]

- Argus Desert Gate
- Ashes of Typhon
- Ancestors Rest
- Judgement of Carrion
- Ruins of Argus
- Desert Showdown
- Hydris Chasm
- Fen Dunloch
- Medean Cliff Mines
- Calderis Refinery
- Golgotha Depths

[Disconnections / Sound Bug]

- If both teams can't agree on a clear winner or a rematch, the referee will decide the outcome based on the following system:
- In case of a disconnected team's significant advantage - a rematch;
- In case of an equal situation or a disconnected team's disadvantage - a loss for a disconnected team.

[Other Rules]

- Bug abuses: Deliberate use of bugs (NOT the game mechanics like pathing) that contradict the description in the tutorials and the way the game should work, for example - the endless use of WL's "Immolate" ability leads to an immediate loss in a game. In case of repeated violation - disqualification.
- Delaying: If the referee considers that a team is delaying a match / tournament, he may decide on a technical loss in one game for such a team. In case of repeated violation - a loss in the match / disqualification.
- Toxic behaviour is prohibited. The referee may give a warning in case of a minor violation. In any other case or repeated violation - may result in a loss in the game / match / disqualification at the discretion of the referee.
- In any other conflict situations that are not specified in the rules, the referee makes the final decision.

[Prize Pool / Donations]

- 1st place - 70$;
- 2nd place - 30$.
- If you want to increase the prize pool - contact me in the discord.
- The donation can be made via PayPaypal OR on the Russian bank card.
- An increase in the prize pool will lead to more prize places.
- Thanks for donations: Bloodra1N (35$), Bruce Campbell (15$), l'Alerion (50$).

[Streams / Observers]

- Only streamers from the approved list (see below), referee/admin and tourney host are allowed to observe / stream the game, other observers are prohibited.
- To register as a streamer, leave a message in this forum thread indicating your Nickname and a link to your Steam profile.
- Approved streamers list: TBA


- Referee / Administrator: l'Alerion (discord: l_alerion)
- Host: Bloodra1N (discord: Профессор#2801)
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Re: Hall of Pain II - 2v2 Cup

Postby Bloodra1N » Sun 28 Jan, 2024 4:59 pm

Bracket link: TBA

Participating teams:
1) Bruce (INQ, LC, TM) & Bestie (PC, LG, MB)
2) Deimos (FC, WSE, FS) & Piano (TBA)
3) Noisy (WB, LA, WL) & Dark Riku (TBA)
4) SkySilver (TM, FC, APO) & Kastet (WL, FS, BC)
5) Toilailee (TBA) & OceansAteAlaska (TBA)
6) Seraf (TBA) & Shroom (TBA)
7) Tex (HT, WB, FC) & The Tenso (WB, KN, CS)
8) Cry (BC, DH, CS) & Dice roll (FC, APO, CL)

Solo registration (looking for a team):
1) Bloodra1N (FS, INQ, WB)
2) panzerbatallion (LG, LC, INQ)
3) K.A.F. (FS, WL, WSE)
4) Adila (WL, MB, TM)
5) fog (LG, FC, CL)
6) Mostafa (FS, HT, EA)
7) Choko_Bambus (TBA)
8) oLev (HT, RA, LC)
9) Pepe (WL, FS, WSE)
10) Fendral (PC, CL, LG)
11) HeaDCraB (TBA)
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Re: Hall of Pain II - 2v2 Cup

Postby TheTenso » Thu 01 Feb, 2024 9:18 am

So any idea if it's gonna be 17-18 or 24-25 February? Cause 24th will not be an option for me :(
P.S. Tex and Tenso the T&T team is ready to go. Unless of course either of us will be absent T_T.
(Also swap Mek for CS pls)
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Re: Hall of Pain II - 2v2 Cup

Postby Toilailee » Fri 02 Feb, 2024 7:55 pm

Joining as a team with Oceans.
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