No die-last experiment

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No die-last experiment

Postby Antandron » Sun 02 Aug, 2020 11:44 am

I wanted to find out if removing die-last is a possibility. To do this I need to a. nerf fleshhook and b. reprice the relevant squad leaders. I've got as far as reworking 3 of the SLs so only play SM, Orks, Nids and Chaos pls.

Here's what I've done:

1. Reduced FH range to 24. Now, if a unit detects with range 40 there is a range 16 window of opportunity to move away from the LA and/or focus fire it to prevent SL snipes. Idk if this is the best option. Being a nerf the LA would probably need a buff somewhere to compensate.
2. Changed the price of the AC Tic, Shoota Nob and Scout Sergeant as follows:

I priced the model in req by comparing to the nearest similar model. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE ABILITIES.

AC Tic = 150 300hp HInf 35dps melee 0dps ranged. fair price?
Tac = 150 350hp HInf 19dps melee 15dps ranged.
CSM = 133
Shoota Nob = 110. 285hp Inf, 23dps melee 12dps ranged.
Shoota = 54
Scout Sergeant = 90. 250hp Inf
Scout = 70. 140hp Inf

I then estimated some ability/bonuses costs:
Detection =30
Scout Grenade = 70
+20% Tic HP = 30

These numbers represent the 'value' or 'strength' of the ability vs the meta, on average. Detection is worth nothing if it isn't needed but is worth more than 30req when you have stealth Scouts grenading your SUTs so I took 30 as an average. These numbers are up for debate.

I add the model cost and the ability cost:

AC Tic 150 + 30 + 30 = 210
Sergeant 90 + 30 + 70 = 190
Shoota Nob 110 + 30 = 140

Now, there is a problem with being forced to rebuy SLs for full price when regular infantry are allowed to reinforce for 1/2 price. It's a disadvantage and means that SLs are slightly UP using these prices. The solution I came up with was to reduce the price by 25%. Now, the first purchase is at a 25% discount, but the 1st reinforcement is 25% more expensive, which cancels out and makes them 'balanced' after the first reinforcement. After that they progressively become more expensive when compared to regular infantry models.

-25% for everything:
AC Tic 157.5
Sergeant 142.5
Shoota Nob 105

Now I convert this number to req/power using my made-up 4:1 req:power ratio, trying to keep the power cost as low as possible. These numbers can be changed if necessary.

AC Tic 157.5 ~ 95/15
Sergeant 142.5 ~ 85/15
Shoota Nob ~ 65/10


This isn't ready yet because I got an unexpected Fatal.Scar error. I'll post the link when I've dealt with this.

Take this file, move to your DoW2>Elite>Acrives folder. Rename the current Elite_Attrib.sga file to something else like Elite_Attrib_2.7.4.sga and rename the downloaded file elite_attrib.sga
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Re: No die-last experiment

Postby Antandron » Mon 10 Aug, 2020 11:12 am

I can't get Copes to work so this is dead unless someone else picks it up.
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Re: No die-last experiment

Postby Wikkyd » Mon 10 Aug, 2020 9:57 pm

Damn I would've liked to see how it worked out :/

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