Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Tournament discussion and registration.
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Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby Impregnable » Tue 09 Jul, 2019 4:02 am

Table of Contents
1. Date & Time
2. Sign Up Procedure
3. What to do on the day of the event
4. General Info & Rules
5. Disconnections/Sound Bugs
6. Confirmed Caster
7. Confirmed Streamer
8. Players
9. Match Ups & Teams

1. Date & Time
Date: July 21st Sunday
Time: 5 pm UTC
- Convert to your timezone here >>> ... =1440&ah=8

2. Sign Up Procedure
1/ Player
- Leave comments below for sign up. Should include following.
1) Steam ID
2) Faction Choice
2.1) Primary Faction
- If I don’t play this faction on the event day, I will die. I must play this faction or this event is worthless for me level of dedication. You can choose only one.
- Note that Grey Knights, Chaos, Space Marines are very popular choices and if you sign up for them, there is a very big chance that you won’t get to play them.
2.2) Secondary Factions
- I can play these factions but I don’t want to play them on the day if it can be helped. You can choose multiple factions as long as they meet requirements.
3) Time Limitation
- The faction war can last up to 10 hours after the start.
- The standard time for players to leave is after playing 2 consecutive Best of 5.
- Players can stay longer after 2 consecutive Best of 5 if they wish to.
- If you do not include below information in the sign up post, I will assume that you are available at the start and is able to play at least two consecutive best of 5 before you leave.
3.1) Arriving Late
- It is possible to join in the middle or at the end rather than at the start if you have time limitations. You can write this down in the sign up post so that the organizer takes it into account when assigning you into a team.
3.2) Leaving early
- It is also possible to leave after a single best of 5. In case you have to leave after a certain period of time, include that information on the sign up post. However, even when leaving early, you should at least have time enough for a single best of 5 with full 5 games. If you think you do not have time required for a single best of 5 with full 5 games, you should not sign up.
Primary Faction: Imperial Guard
Secondary Factions: SM, Chaos, Orks

Player Requirements
- Each player is required to have at least one of below requirements met to be able to sign up.
1) Minimum 500 steam play hours in retribution/elite mod
2) Army Level 60 on the faction he or she wants to represent as a Primary Faction
- Army Level for each Faction can be checked in game statistics page. Inform the organizer in case of reset bug resetting the army level to 1.
3) Testimony for your skill from an expert player
- Ask that guy to give me a steam message.
- List of such players can be found here. >>> viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2759
4) Getting a direct invite from the organizer
- It is possible to be invited into the event by the organizer while the event is still ongoing in order to fill up vacancies.

2/ Streamer
- Make a post below with your
1) Steam ID
2) Stream link
I want to be a streamer

3. What to do on the day of the event
1/ Be present in the Steam Group Chat of the MRT steam group
- Group Name: DoW II Elite Monthly Rumble tournament!
- Group Link:
- In order to enter group chat, simply visit the link above and hit "Enter chat room" through a logged in Steam account.
- Do not turn off group chat because major announcements will be made there such as which room to enter.

2/ Follow game host's instructions
- He or she will personally contact you through steam. You need to be in group chat in order for this process to work.
- The host for each room will be announced on the group chat.

3/ When you are appointed as a host
- Hosts have to do below things according to organizers' instructions.
1/ Gather players through group chat
- Contact players directly through MRT group chat.
- What I mean by directly contacting players is to actually directly send steam messages to them and not just announce their IDs in the group chat.
- In the group chat's right side panel, there is a list of players inside the group chat. Right next to their steam IDs, there is a small downward pointing icon. Clicking on in gives you various options and one of the options is to send direct message to them. This can be done even if they are not your steam friend.
- Report to the organizer immediately when players are missing.
2/ Keep rules
- Compared to the tourney, faction war rules are extremely simple. Have a brief look at it on the sign up page.
3/ Inform the organizer about team balance
- Since the organizer cannot be in every single game. He has to rely on host's observation on balance of teams. Cast worthy games cannot be made if teams are too unbalanced.
4/ Save replays for games that lasted longer than 20 minutes
- This is the most important duty because the main purpose of Faction War is to attain replays for casting by Youtube casters.

4. General Info & Rules
1/ Team Balancing
- Teams can be balanced by the organizer or the streamer anytime during the match up. They will listen to what players have to say when changing though.
- The organizer gives priority to 1st Dedicated Player, 2nd Top Player, 3rd Recommended Player by Top or Dedicated Player, 4th Newly Joined Player. The list of Top and Dedicated Players can be found here. >>> viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2759

2/ Game Format
2.9.1 Patch
3 VS 3
Victory Point Control: 500 VPs
Starting Location: Random
Resources: Standard

3/ Number of matches
- Depends on the number of people that I can get for each faction but usually can do up to 3 simultaneous match ups.
- All matches are best of 5 but can do best of 3 in case players have to leave early.
- Concede is allowed.
- Can change the number of match ups and games played when there is more or less time available.

4/ Map Selection & Hero picks
- First map of each series will be played on Estia Province.
- After that losing team of previous match will pick a map out of below list of maps.
- Same map cannot be played twice within a series.
- Maps that are variants of other maps like Argus Desert Gate and Garvus Ice Gate are considered to be one map.
- There is no rule for hero selection but OM/GK is regarded as a separate faction from SM.

Map Pool
Argus Desert Gate
Calderis Refinery / Other versions
Estia Province
Capital Spire Redux
Judgment of Carrion
Graesark Undercity
Typhon Arena / Other versions
Meridian High City
Kathari Ruins
Death World Temple
Wrath of Baal
Siccaris Plateau Redux
White Walls of Calderis
Kasyr Ruthien Redux
Khatrin Purification Plant
Angstrom Heights

5/ House Rule
- Other rules can be introduced on the day.

5. Disconnections/Sound Bugs
- In case of disconnections, that match will be played again if it is within the 15 minutes of start on the same map and members. If it is past 15 minutes into the game, the match will continue but I will make sure the casters know who got disconnected.
- If a player suffers consecutive Sound Bugs despite turning their steam off and on after the first one, the organizer will remove that player from the event.

6. Confirmed Caster
BbBoS ... vjXcETR8qA

7. Confirmed Streamer

8. Players
Ordo Malleus
Dedicated -
Secondary - Heckmek

Space Marines
Dedicated - RiceMuncher, Legionator, TheCrydd, Volhrim, Asmondeus, [EL] Gemeral Problem, jamono, Zeno., Raver, Katla
Secondary - Heckmek, Dark Ace, Cursecrab, hfseid

Chaos Space Marines
Dedicated - hiveminion, Heckmek, HUNTER, TheCrydd, HBK_LORENTE:, Asmondeus, Floid, Zeno., Katla
Secondary - Dark Ace, knv, hfseid

Dedicated - knv, Legionator, TheCrydd, Asmondeus, jamono, Zill, ben1993, eM7
Secondary - Heckmek, Dark Ace

Dedicated - hiveminion, HUNTER, hfseid, TheCrydd, Volhrim, Zill, Zeno., eM7, Mitch the Ninja
Secondary - Dark Ace, Cursecrab

Dedicated - hiveminion, HUNTER, Floid, Yang Wendi
Secondary - hfseid

Impeiral Guard
Dedicated - Dark Ace, Cursecrab, Inekura, Legionator, Volhrim, jamono, Katla
Secondary - Heckmek, hfseid, HBK_LORENTE:

All Rounder Reserves
Shoulder Mount - Prefers Tyranids, IG, SM
DanielGrushin - Prefers IG / Except Tyranids
Bruce Campbell - Prefers IG, SM / Except Tyranids
OceansAteAlaska - Prefers IG, Chaos
Bestn00b - Prefers Eldar, Orks
Torpid - Prefers IG, SM, Chaos
Broodwich - Coming Late
Lolgar - Prefers SM, Chaos, IG
Adila - Coming Late
WTG NIce Knight - Prefers Chaos, Eldar / Except IG
Dark Riku
lomors - Prefers Eldar
shroom - Prefers Tyranids, SM, Chaos, OM
V.R - Except Orks, Eldar, OM

9. Match Ups & Teams
Match 1 - Best of 5
Chaos vs SM
Team Chaos
Team SM
Asmondeus, [EL] Gemeral Problem, Shoulder Mount

Match 2 - Best of 5
Imperial Guard vs SM
Team Imperial Guard
Bruce Campbell, Volhrim, OceansAteAlaska
Team SM 2
Pianoman, Dark Riku, Zeno

Match 3 - Best of 5
Eldar vs SM
Team Eldar
jamono -> Haidran -> jamono, Zill -> lomors, ben1993 -> HBK_LORENTE
SM 3
Dark Ace, Cursecrab -> Legionator, TheCrydd

Match 4 - Best of 5
Eldar vs SM
Team Eldar 2
eM7, Lolgar -> Heckmek, DanielGrushin
Team SM 4
Raver -> Legionator, Katla, hfseid

Match 5 - Best of 5
Eldar vs Tyranids
Team Eldar 3
BestNoob, WTG NIce Knight, Floid
Team Tyranids
hiveminion, Yang Wendi, lomors

Match 6 - Best of 5
SM vs Tyranids
Team SM
Torpid, Dark Riku, Bruce Campbell
Team Tyranids
Pianoman, BestNoob, Shoulder Mount

Match 7 - Best of 5
Chaos vs Tyranids
Team Chaos
Asmondeus, Zeno -> Broodwich, OceansAteAlaska
Team Tyranids 2
hiveminion, Yang Wendi, Adila

Match 8 - Best of 5
SM vs Imperial Guard
Team SM
Katla, Cursecrab, Heckmek
Team Imperial Guard
Legionator, Volhrim, Dark Ace

Match 9 - Best of 5
Orks vs SM
Team Orks
eM7, Mitch the Ninja -> Ghazghkull, hfseid -> Hunter -> Volhrim
Team SM
[EL] Gemeral Problem, Timevir, Floid

Match 10 - Best of 5
Eldar vs SM
Team Eldar
Torpid, eM7, Broodwich
Team SM
Hunter, Volhrim, OceansAteAlaska
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby Shoulder Mount » Tue 09 Jul, 2019 7:28 pm

Primary Factions: Nids, IG, Speeessh marines (although I'm not actually good at sm I just want to try out the dlc skins xP)
Secondary Factions: Everything else
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby DanielGrushin » Wed 10 Jul, 2019 1:43 pm

Primary Factions: IG
Secondary Factions: Any, except Nids
Are we the flame or just guardsman drawn to tsm?
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby OceansAteAlaska » Mon 15 Jul, 2019 2:03 pm

Primary: Ig, Chaos
Secondary: everything else
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby hiveminion » Mon 15 Jul, 2019 3:00 pm

Hiveminion, Nids/Chaos/Orks
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby Heckmek » Mon 15 Jul, 2019 3:25 pm

Primary: Chaos
secondary: Any except orc/nid
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby Dark Ace » Mon 15 Jul, 2019 10:42 pm

Dark Ace
Primary Faction: IG
Secondary Factions: Orks, SM, Chaos, Eldar
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby Bestn00b » Mon 15 Jul, 2019 11:04 pm

Primary: Eldar & Orks
Secondary: All
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby knv » Tue 16 Jul, 2019 5:07 pm

Primary: Eldar
secondary: Chaos
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby PianoMan » Thu 18 Jul, 2019 8:47 am

primary everything i guess xd
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby Cursecrab » Sat 20 Jul, 2019 3:24 pm

Primary: Imperial guard
Secondary: Space marines, Orks
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby Torpid » Sat 20 Jul, 2019 4:14 pm

Senpai Torpid Dow

IG, SM & Chaos
Lets make Ordo Malleus great again!
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby Inekura » Sat 20 Jul, 2019 4:18 pm


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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby Wikkyd » Sat 20 Jul, 2019 7:34 pm


Primary faction: IG

Secondary: SM

EDIT: Will no longer be participating due to personal matters.
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby HUNTER » Sun 21 Jul, 2019 2:44 am

This is the AssMan filling in for Hunter. I can play Nids, Orks, Chaos. thank you and have a wonderful day.
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby hfseid » Sun 21 Jul, 2019 6:50 am

Primary Faction: Orks
Secondary Factions: IG, Chaos, Space Marines, Tyranids
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby RiceMuncher » Sun 21 Jul, 2019 8:38 am

If Im online - Space Marine FC/TM
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby BbBoS » Sun 21 Jul, 2019 1:18 pm

Will stream 3-5 hours of games this evening, can also fill in if requires for any faction
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby Legionator » Sun 21 Jul, 2019 3:02 pm


Eldar, IG, SM
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby TheCrydd » Sun 21 Jul, 2019 3:33 pm


Primary: Eldar, SM, Chaos, Orks
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby Volhrim » Sun 21 Jul, 2019 3:44 pm


Main factions: IG, Orks, SM
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby HBK_LORENTE » Sun 21 Jul, 2019 5:17 pm

Primary Faction: Chaos
Secundary Faction: IG
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby Broodwich » Sun 21 Jul, 2019 5:24 pm

I'll be late by a few hours if i'm there at all, but i can go any faction
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby Asmon » Sun 21 Jul, 2019 5:51 pm


Eldar, SM, Chaos.
[EL] A Paige (of AT)
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby [EL] A Paige (of AT) » Sun 21 Jul, 2019 5:53 pm

[EL] Gemeral Problem

Space Marines

Apo, Tm, Fc.
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby jamono » Sun 21 Jul, 2019 5:57 pm

he is in
apo commi seer
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby Lolgar » Sun 21 Jul, 2019 6:05 pm

i'll play as many as I can.

Ill play mainly chaos (sorc) and eldar (farseer, warlock) but can do anything
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby NiceKnight » Sun 21 Jul, 2019 6:06 pm


Primary Faction: CHAOS, Eldar (almost)
Secondary Factions: Eldar, Tyrandis SM, GK
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby Zeno » Sun 21 Jul, 2019 6:11 pm


chaos, orks, sm
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Re: Monthly Faction War 19 @ July 21st

Postby wraverds » Sun 21 Jul, 2019 6:14 pm

Primary and Unique Faction: SM

On and off all day

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