Standardise Red?

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Standardise Red?

Postby Antandron » Wed 15 May, 2019 2:49 pm

It makes sense to me that the red gained from killing units is proportional to the strength of the unit killed. Relic probably intended this to be the case since many of the red values are higher for stronger units than for weaker units. It's not even an important issue unless red is related to XP. Even if it isn't, standardising red is the ideal solution imo.

e.g. Super Units = 120 Tank = 50 Walkers = 50 Transports =40ish Terminators = 25 Tacs =14 and so on

However, in T1 many units have 'incorrect' red values from this perspective. It doesn't make much difference overall, except in MUs where one side has the better globals, for if they are gaining red at an above average rate, they can use globals more frequently than otherwise.

e.g. on a large map, Ravener tunnels can be farmed for 15red each time and converted into Warp Gates or Noxious Clouds.

Using Tacs as a standard value of 14 red, so that the red is about req/11 for T1 units, this would mean GM=3 Rippers=1 Hormas =4 Scouts =6 Sents =32. ASM should give more red than Tacs but they don't, same with Raptors and Raveners iirc.
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Re: Standardise Red?

Postby Sex - Murder - Art » Tue 21 May, 2019 12:09 am

Do you know what's your real problem? You think that math should work everywhere. In realy / practice, it just does not.

Lets say it takes about 32.000 seconds for a worker to build a wall. According to math / you, 32.000 workers should be able to build that wall in a second.

See? Math calculations are not always practical. Practice is always better than the theory. So please, stop trying to turn things into numbers...
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