Eternal Crusade: What kind of heresy is it?

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Eternal Crusade: What kind of heresy is it?

Postby Loneass » Mon 24 Apr, 2017 4:44 am

Alright settle down ye gitz, and put dose burny and stabby thingys away. Da former one doesn't exist (yet) and da latter sucks unless you got a stormshield or jumpypack (preferably jumpy).

Da basics

It's a Freeium: While you can pay 20 bucks to become a premium boy most of ye gitz will want to try it out first. In free mode you can access every loadout (loadouts are basically prebuilt classes, you can customize your own) except jumpys. You also have two thirds of all the xp, req and so forth you earn "banked" until you hit premium. What dat means is dat when you become premium all dat banked up stuff you got is added to your character. Rather nice of the devs to think of dat.

Note: When you make an account enter this referral code (EC-5L2FKBPPHX8EX), it's 4000 RTC (rogue trader credits, you use it to buy weapon and armor skins) for your account and mine.

xp, req, rtc and advancement points

XP: This if what you level up with, there are at least five if not more ranks you can earn by getting more xp. Every time you rank up the specializations you can buy with advancement points increase. For every 250 xp you earn you gain an advancement point.

Req: You earn req along with xp, req is used to buy the "real stuff" (new weapons and supply drops from the store). Generally speaking you should use req to buy supply drops only, you'll eventually get the weapons you would from the store anyway and for a lot cheaper price. Buy supply drops in this order, least to greatest until the least costly drop you can buy is no longer available. Reason for dat is dat once you own all da stuff from the lower drops the next higher up will give you stuff only in it's loot tier, not stuff from the supply drop below it.

RTC: Rogue Trader Credits let you buy weapon and armor skins that don't have any in game effect, except for that huge kannon dose spiky boys get (called Abaddon's Grace)and one other I can't remembers. If your faction winz a campaign you also get some "faction only" rtc if your premium, if your a freep it's banked.

Advancement points: Advancement points let you buy specializations, typically these specializations reduce the LC (loadout cost) of an item or give you new things to play around with in da armor department. LC is important, only veteran classes (rank 5 at least, you have to buy a costly specialization den to get access to a vet loadout) can haul more then a thousand LC points of stuff into da battle.


We got four factions and if ye couldn't tell by now I am a greenskin of da bad moonz variety.

SM/CSM: Same faction basically until you get deep into the advancement points, chaos can get marks and have a more "circular" AP chart. Spaas Mareenz have a much more linear selection. Other thing to note is that SM gets stormshields, chaos gets autocannons and sorcerer class...between us gitz that autocannon is demented. Both got the same vehicles, and I wantz a looted version of both!

Orkz: Orkz is da best! Well notz really, thanks to da current meta and clumsy dev animations we have to play like Tau with worse accuracy unless we got jumpys. On da plus side we got kannonz, basically da best (or at least most "subtle") artillery piece in da game. Our vehicles can't turn worth a damn, we really wants those Death Skull boyz to go loot us some humie vehicles.

Eldar: Pansies are cowardly little vermin, dey got less health and armor but dey got da best jumpy (da shitting hawk as I like to term it) and their vehicles turn like a dime. Only downside is that they are real specialized, having eight loadouts compared to the basic five the rest of us got.

Da current meta

In da current meta the guardsmen will most likely win dat engagement

It's da truth, melee sucks. Besides being an unintuitive system (improve it devs for all our sakez) range is just better, particularly in limited respawn mapz where we gotta conserve every life we can. And dat is da current meta, as sad as it is. Jumpys have a better time of it with melee though, still not equal to ranged but respectable.

Things to know

Krew da tank! Dis is really a pet peevez o mine, krew da damn tank! A fully krewed tank is really hard to kill so long as da pilot knowz what he is doing, it allows you to keep dose transports (which act as mobile spawn points for da vehicle's squad) in check and make attemptz to melta da tank much more difficult.

Map types: We got essentially three different map types. Influence is where we gotta hold pointz from da enemy until the timer run out or they gain enough influence before the timer run outz. Focus on holding dose points, cause whenever da enemy gets it for the first time the timer has five mins added to it. To interrupt a capper melee da son of a snot!

Next is fortress 2: This fortress has two points dat need to be captured in order, first thing aggressor has to do is get over da big wall. Don't let em, man da turrets and use artillery to fry der boomwagons from da wall. Keep doks and guards on da wall to ensure jumpy types and pipe attacks (on dis map der is typically a pipe or passage to get you to the other side of the wall) from succeeding. On this map do everything you can to preserve yer matez, you only got 250 respawns available to the entire team. When you see a downed mate run up to him and hold down the E key to get the sucker back up.

To get point A (der win condition) dey got to capture point B which is just behind the wall in a big plastic building.

Fortress 4: Like fortress 2 dey got to capture da pointz in order, same thing with respawns. Difference is no walls and da map looks like a crooked boot. It also ahs four points instead of two.

Assume guilty of idiocy till proven otherwise: Chances are you will be dropped into a PUG (random teammates) and like da dog dese thingz are ugly. Assume der idiots till proven otherwise, listen to your squad leader only if da bloke knows what he is doing. Your best hope for consistent victory is a klan (called a "guild" in humie) who you can fight besides and train with. If your an ork with a taste for flash PM me and i'll get you into da "Goldbootaz" (GOOT is our tag).

And dat's all yer now, i'll be coming back and upgrading/updating dis post if you boyz ask questions in da comments.
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Re: Eternal Crusade: What kind of heresy is it?

Postby Barrogh » Fri 19 May, 2017 10:10 am

This was actually a nice write-up, learned quite a lot on what I wanted to know.
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