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Postby Impregnable » Sun 09 Jul, 2023 6:50 am

We’ve opted to release a smaller patch with a faster timeline on account of much larger changes in the background requiring more time in the oven. We hope to have an update on some of the plans we’ve had behind the scenes in the next few weeks. For now, we hope to keep a steady stream of improvements heading your way with!

This patch is mostly focused on correcting the more problematic aspects brought in with 2.9.9 as well as correcting some of the more notorious issues that have been plaguing these builds in the ATSKNF fix and the Noot Game Mode fixes. We hope you enjoy the new game modes in their unleashed state!

Programming (Units, Abilites, etc): Atlas, Noot
Changelog: Atlas, Impregnable
Portraits: Bummknall
Game Testers: Atlas, Deimos, Mickey, Noot, Arthurcloud, Enlargingcloud

Download Links:
Note 1: This is a full installer. You don't need any other version of Elite to install You ONLY need to have Retribution!
Note 2: If you have army painter schemes you don't want to be wiped, find the playercfg.lua file in your Documents\My Games\dawn of war ii - retribution\Settings folder and make a copy of it so you can add it back in.

Google Drive Link
- If you have a non-default installation area of DoWII, remember to adjust it!

- If you have a non-default installation area of DoWII, remember to adjust it!

New Game Modes:
All games modes should now be fully PvP compatible.

General Changes / QOL:
Tooltips updated.

Portraits have been updated for the following units.
Vortimer Razorback

Fixed an issue where IST Impact Grenade did 0 damage at its farthest distance interval.
- It was doing 0 damage to units hit on the edge of the impact which was not what it was supposed to do.

Fixed an issue where And They Shall Know No Fear (ATSKNF) ability gave the normal squad members more special attack chance than the Sergeant for both Tactical Marine Squad and Sternguard Veteran Squad.
- Everyone should have been getting 35% more chance to perform special attacks but squad members were getting 50% chance instead.

Fixed an issue where ATSKNF abilty would permanently add the special attack chance modifiers to the Sergeant model after the first activation of the ability.
- 35% more chance to do special attacks part of the ability permanently stayed for the Sergeant model even after the ability ended.

Attempted to fix an issue where Psyker's Strip Soul can still be channeled after failed conditions.
- There was an issue where if the unit under effect of Strip Soul teleported away from the Psyker's range, the Psyker would still be able to channel the ability.

ImageChaos Space Marines
The Aspiring Champion himself pales in comparison to his closest comparables as a squad leader.

Chaos Space Marines:
Aspiring Champion purchase cost reduced from 75/25 to 75/20.

We agree that Rangers needed a boost, but we’ve elected to temper that boost to encourage more diverse decision making.

Long Rifle damage per hit reduced from 32 to 27.

ImageImperial Guard
Spotters were a heavy topic of discussion after the meaty buffs they’ve gotten. We’ve toned down the squad’s ability to blast squads off the map when bringing large numbers of Spotters onto the field.

Plasma Pistol damage per hit reduced from 25(12.96 dps) to 20(10.42 dps).

Artillery Spotter Squad:
Purchase cost increased from 240/25 to 240/30.
Incendiary Shell damage over time effect changed from 14 flame_aoe_ability_pvp damage over 10 seconds to 7 flame_aoe_ability_pvp damage over 14 seconds.

ImageOrdo Malleus
As the faction reaches parity with the other races in the game, the ancillary benefits spread throughout the roster to bolster its weaknesses can now get focused and reined in.

Inquisitorial Storm Troopers:
Impact Grenade knockback radius reduced from 6 to 4.5.

Strike Squad:
Out-of-combat health regeneration bonus now requires Tomes of Titan upgrade to activate.

Purgation Squad:
Purchase cost increased from 270/30 to 300/30.
Conversion Beamer upgrade cost reduced from 75 to 50.
Psycannon upgrade cost reduced from 65/15 to 50/15.
Purged by Fire! damage per hit reduced from 4 to 1.5.

Interceptor Squad:
Default weapon damage per hit reduced from 40(30.77 dps) to 37.5(28.84 dps).

Cleansing Flame no longer deals damage to targets it affects. Silence effect remains.

Vindicare Assassin:
Teardown time increased from 0 seconds to 0.5 seconds for both Turbo-penetrator Rounds and Exitus Rounds.

Vortimer Razorback:
Hunter-Killer Missile upgrade renamed to Reinforced Armor Plating.
Unit no longer gains the Hunter-Killer Missile ability when purchasing Reinforced Armor Plating.
Reinforced Armor Plating health increase increased from 100 to 200.

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