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Postby Impregnable » Sun 30 Oct, 2022 1:02 pm Patch Notes and Download Links
Hi all! Thanks for all the feedback and testing from the last patch. This patch just contains bug fixes for issues that came about in and a FPS cap that was supposed to be added in the last patch but was forgotten about. Just do remember to use the new shortcut instead of the old one in case you are installing at a new location where the old shortcut is not present. When installed at the same location, the old one gets overwritten automatically but when installed on separate places, you get the new one and the old one in separate places without the old one getting overwritten. In order to benefit from FPS cap, you need to either use the new one given by this hotfix patch or edit the old shortcut to have (-refresh 58) part at the end of the line of properties's target box. Do right click on the shortcut icon and select properties at the very bottom to view or edit target box.
Example: C:\Steam\steam.exe -applaunch 56400 -nomovies -modname Elite -refresh 58

The notes for is also included in this post. Have a look below.

Download Links:
Note 1: This is a full installer. You don't need any other version of Elite to install You ONLY need to have Retribution!
Note 2: If you have army painter schemes you don't want to be wiped, find the playercfg.lua file in your Documents\My Games\dawn of war ii - retribution\Settings folder and make a copy of it so you can add it back in.
Note 3: FPS cap is included in the shortcut created by the installer starting from patch onward by default to reduce the chance of sound bug. If this is causing trouble for you, you can remove or change FPS number anytime by below method.
- Right click on the shortcut icon. -> Select properties at the very bottom. -> Erase or edit (-refresh 58) part at the end of the line from what is written in the target box.

Google Drive Link
- If you have a non-default installation area of DoWII, remember to adjust it!

- If you have a non-default installation area of DoWII, remember to adjust it!

Auto Updater, 'Powered by Libertas Launcher™, brought to you by VitMercury®'
- If you have a non-default installation area of DoWII, remember to adjust it!
- For those who are using Libertas Launcher, in order to benefit from FPS limit that has been introduced in patch in order to lessen the sound bug, will need to manually create the shortcut and edit its properties's target box to have (-refresh 58) part at the end of the line.
Example: C:\Steam\steam.exe -applaunch 56400 -nomovies -modname Elite -refresh 58

General Changes / QOL:
Patch banner changed from to
FPS is now capped at 58 by default to reduce the chance of sound bug.
- This has been implemented by adding -refresh 58 to shortcut properties’ target box. This can be manually removed or changed after installation by editing shortcut properties. This does not apply to Libertas users automatically, however. Libertas users will need to manually create a shortcut and edit its properties’ target box to include -refresh 58 in order to benefit from reduced chance of sound bug from FPS capping.

Examples for Comparison
Old Shortcut
C:\Steam\steam.exe -applaunch 56400 -nomovies -modname Elite

New Shortcut
C:\Steam\steam.exe -applaunch 56400 -nomovies -modname Elite -refresh 58

Daemon Hunter’s Sundering refund and ability duration bug fixed.
- Earlier builds granted refunds if canceled through retreat midway in use and the last patch had effects lasting longer than intended. All of these were taken care of.

Strike Squad and Purifiers Squad's speed bug fixed.
- Speed bug was introduced for both squads by accident in the last patch. The detail of the bug is that both squads had melee charge speed all the time instead of only when melee charge is activated. For some reason, when multiple squads was in the middle of melee with one squad and then, attempted to engage another or the same squad while interrupted by something, it would cause them to keep their speed boost. In case of Strike Squad, its Justicar was also involved in causing this speed bug as it seemed to make the bug trigger more frequently. Thankfully, this wasn't the case for Purifier's Justicar so solely the squad itself needed fixing.

Ranger stats reverted back to values.
- It had test values from an earlier test build by mistake.

Rangers equipped with pistols will no longer use kinetic pulse.
- This is a Elite Mod bug from before 2.9 patch.

Kinetic Pulse refund bug fixed.
- This is a bug from retail which is similar to the one that occurred with Hammer of the Witches which was about allowing the ability to be used without cooldown under certain conditions.

Venom Brood’s Deathspitter health bonus bug fixed.
- Health bonus was applied on a per entity basis instead of on squad basis. Patch Notes and Download Links
Greetings to the Elite Mod Community!

Firstly, we genuinely want to thank our players and supporters, for everything! We would never be where we are today without everyone!

To start off, it's been a longer wait than usual, and finally here we are presenting our latest patch! This patch mainly deals with balance changes (yes, we have heard you!) and bug fixes.

Now, that's done.. let's get down to the really important stuff. As you may know, Adila, decided to hand the reins over as Balance Lead for Elite Mod, after several committed years.

From the team to Adila, thank you for all the pinpoint dedication ensuring Elite Mod remains balanced and playable for PVP. That said, We were knocked off course for a while without Adila, unsure of a direction.

In that confusing time, we were contemplating on searching for a new balance lead, and even thought of a new system for leading the Elite Mod crew. Its still in the making, and we're not any closer in confidently resolving this yet, so this might take longer.

Meanwhile, since we were half-way working through this patch, we decided to continue this to give our team something simple to focus on. Regardless, some things that were initially planned were gibbed / postponed to the next patch, as its been a long while since we released a new patch.

While we had a few setbacks, there were some major developments that we are ready to talk about! Our modders have made a VERY BIG BREAKTHROUGH. It went unsolved for a decade, until fairly recently. With this breakthrough, players are going to see some new content!

Additionally, we have some teased stuff coming soon. You may have already heard of some of our devs talking about new game modes! They are fairly close to being prepared, and as hyped as we are.. we are making sure we test them before releasing them for players!

In line with these changes and in the absence of our balance head.. the Elite Mod team has drawn some interesting conclusions. The core of Elite, the balance and competitiveness for all factions, remains our main focus. That said, we have to evolve on our future direction and grow to stay relevant for players.

Let's face it, we all want to have a good fun time playing, and what better way by increasing that? In line with this, we are planning on adding these new game modes, features and QOL changes etc. so you'll get more out of your favourite mod!

Next up, our modding community has grown to a small stable community of angsty furious modders, hard at play and modding! Lots of new changes have sprung up and improvements too gained. Every bit gained is progress made since the RelicNews days. As ever, we still need and want more modders to join us. Partly related, Knall has been making beautiful graphics for Elite Mod, mainly unit portraits etc. So, we're ever grateful and extend our thanks for his incredible works of art! Rock on, Knall!!

Another good announcement is appointing a new community manager for Elite Mod, yellow (or yellowmonkeySoulEater). Ngl, I went to sleep and next morning, the crew appointed me as community manager.. and I'm like... kewls!! I'm new to this role, and while I am figuring out how exactly to be a community manager, I feel reassured that the team puts a lot of trust in me. Rest assured, I'll keep everyone posted as I figure this out.

That's about it, folks! Wait till the next update when we're ready and stay tuned for more! Thank you, all!

Models, Animations and Visuals: Enlargingcloud, Kekoulis, Noot, Garrick, Yreeeet
Programming (Units, Abilites and Misc): Shoulder Mount, Atlas, Enlargingcloud, Noot, Snowkip
Visual Effects: Enlargingcloud, Noot
Maps: Inekura, Swift, Noot
Portraits: Knall
Community Manager/Misc: yellowmonkeySoulEater
Game Testers: Shoulder Mount, Inekura, Enlargingcloud and all the people who tested all the various test builds who are too numerous to name

Download Links:
Note: Including download links here just in case there are people who want it for testing. Remember that you don’t need this in order to install and that this patch has bugs that are fixed in the newest hotfix patch.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zpG ... xq54Y/edit

General Changes / QOL:
Main Menu Background now features the Goff-Boss.
OM Terminator's Holocaust ability renamed to Incinerate.
Portraits for following units and abilities have been updated.
Primaris Psyker
Nob Squad's Nob Leader Upgrade
Lord Commissar's Bionics Wargear
Catachan Devil's Sarge Upgrade

Various Tooltips got updated.
Missile_pvp weapons no longer target units in buildings instead of the buildings themselves.
Set up teams were given invisible eldar sniper rifles to prevent side models from running in front of their weapon platforms. Applied to Heavy Weapon Squad, Noise Marines and Purgation Squad.
Trophy Rack now applies its effects properly.
Stormblade overcharge shot reliability is improved.
Valkyrie Leman Russ Drop now refunds and resets if for some reason the ability is unable to drop a Leman Russ.
Rangers no longer have ground target.
Space Marine Librarian no longer stands still doing nothing while casting Force Barrier.
Dreadnought assault cannon barrage “allow_tracking” set to false.
Slaughter melee skill bonus with chainswords should now apply properly.

Generator refund bug fixed.
- Maximum Requisition refund for a destroyed Power Node was changed from 125 to 55 in 2.9.8 patch but this was not done correctly by mistake. Return value for each faction's node had to be individually tweaked but some were not set to 55 so were returning some other values like 65 or doing full refunds. These are all fixed now to refund the proper amount.

Synapse bug fixed.
- This is one of fixes that require some detailed explanation.

Retribution Wiki
- Reduces the received ranged and melee damage and received suppression of non-Warrior, non-Commander, non-Swarmlord allied Tyranids by 20%. Ranged damage reduction is increased to 22%/25%/27% at level 2/3/4. Also increases Tyrant Guard speed by 1.5, makes Rippers immune to suppression, and allows Hormagaunts to vault obstacles. Radius 32.

Elite Codex
- Reduces the received ranged and melee damage, and received suppression of non-Warrior, non-hero Tyranids by 20%. Ranged damage reduction is increased to 24%/28%/31% at level 2/3/4. Also increases Tyrant Guard speed by 1.5. Radius 32. Passive ability.

- For starters, the first part of the bug is that both melee and ranged damage reduction scales with level not just ranged damage reduction. This means both of above descriptions have errors.
- The second part of the bug is that basic synapse's level scaling part were stacking. As you can see from above Elite Codex entry, level 2 synapse has 4% more, level 3 has 8% more and level 4 has 11% more reduction compared to the level 1 synapse which is 20%. According to it, if you had two level 2 Warriors together, units should only receive 24% damage reduction from one level 2 Warrior. However, it was receiving 27.8% by bug instead. This meant that additional 4% parts of scaling were stacking.
- In Cope's data, 20% melee and ranged resist part is applied as receiving only 0.8 of the damage taken. For comparison, receiving 1 of the damage taken means taking 100% damage without reduction. Basically, 1 is 100%, 20% is 0.2 and 80% is 0.8 in Copes for easier understanding. In this sense, if you want units to take 20% less damage, just need to minus 0.2 from the modifiers to have 0.8 as 0.2 = 20% and 0.8 = 80%.
- The formulae for stacking is multiplying 0.95 to 0.8 for every level all warriors involved has. This is because level scaling part is done by increasing the reduction by 5% every time a warrior levels up. 5% reduction for every level is x0.95 because 0.95 = 5%.
- Under this bug, having one level 3 Warrior and one level 2 Warrior meant 0.8(basic) x0.95(scale for level 2) x0.95(scale for level 3) x0.95(scale for level 2) = 0.65 = 65% damage taken. This means 35% reduction instead of what should have been of only 28% from one level 3 Warrior. This could be stacked without limit under the bug.
- Only the second stacking part got fixed and the first part was not fixed because it will cause major balance change. The first part will be a matter for future discussions.
- Other synapses that had level scaling mechanic built in were checked but all were fine. Only Basic Synapse had this bug.

Solstice Plateau (1v1) received updates.


Call da Boyz now has a 2 second delay before the effects trigger.
Ork heroes now display an indicator when Call da Boyz! is activated.

The hero can now be transported inside of Land Raiders and Battlewagons.

Slugga Boyz:
Slugga Boyz Nob Leader upkeep cost increased from 1.8 to 2.16.

Shoota Boyz:
Shoota Boyz Nob Leader upkeep cost increased from 1.53 to 2.55.

Stormboyz Nob Leader upkeep cost increased from 1.8 to 2.16.

Stikkbomb red cost reduced from 2.5 to 1.5.

Warpath cost increased from 40/25 to 75/30.

Default cost changed from 150/15/50 to 150/5/50.

Can now transport the same units the Land Raider variants can.

ImageImperial Guard

Lord Commissar:
Fist of Brockus cost reduced from 200/50 to 150/45.

Heavy Weapons Team:
Heavy Bolter setup time reduced from 3.1 seconds to 3 seconds.
Heavy Bolter teardown time reduced from 3.1 seconds to 2 seconds.

Primaris Psyker:
Can now cancel Strip Soul by moving after being knocked over.
Telekinetic Dome now costs health as intended when channeling health for abilities.
Unit no longer has Ethereal Shockwave ability by default.
Unit now starts with Telekinetic Dome ability by default.
Telekinetic Dome melee damage reduction reduced from 25% to 10%.
Codices of Protection cost reduced from 120/20 to 75/20.
Codices of Protection now grants the Ethereal Shockwave ability.
Earthshaker Helm cost reduced from 130/30 to 80/30.
Diviners Foresight cost reduced from 120/25 to 75/20.
Diviners Foresight passives have been moved to the Codices of Protection.

Side mounted Lascannons’ damage per hit reduced from 55 to 40.
The range of Vulcan Mega Bolter decreased from 62 to 58.
We are aware that this unit is currently overperforming a bit. We are going to address its power level over the next few patches to not miss the right spot.

Use yer Shield ability radius lowered from 20 to 15.


Webway Gate cooldown increased from 0 second to 3 seconds.

Armor of Fortune health regeneration reduced from 3 to 2.5 hp/s.

Guardian Squad:
Warlock pop increased from 2 to 3.
Warlock health decreased from 275 to 240.
Fleet of Foot damage reduction applies to projectiles including grenades.

Howling Banshees:
Upkeep increased from 2.05334 to 2.55 per pop.
Reinforcement cost decreased from 35 to 28.

Guardian Weapon Team:
Crew member xp yield increased from 90 to 140.
Shuriken platform xp yield on death increased from 0 to 150.
Shuriken platform red yield on death increased from 0 to 10.
Shuriken platform upkeep reduced from 3 to 0.

Unit cost reduced from 360/95 to 350/90.

Unit pop cost increased from 12 to 15.
Shuriken Cannon range reduced from 44 to 38.
Brightlance range reduced from 44 to 38.

Forceshield cost reduced from 75/20 to 50/15.
Fusion Gun cost reduced from 80/20 to 65/15.

D-Cannon Platform Team:
Crew member xp yield increased from 60 to 140.
Crew member red yield reduced from 13 to 9.
D-Cannon platform xp yield increased from 0 to 200.
D-Cannon platform red yield increased from 0 to 12.
D-Cannon cost reduced from 400/40 to 360/35.
D-Cannon platform upkeep reduced from 3 to 0.

ImageOrdo Malleus

Psycannon pvp damage type against vehicles increased from 0.5 to 0.75.

Daemon Hunter:
Rift Tear and Tempest now remove unit ability to leap or charge for sticking duration.
Rites of Exorcism speed and rotation rate debuff increased from 40% to 60%.
Rites of Exorcism received damage debuff increased from 30% to 40%.

Inquisitorial Operatives:
Sergeant upkeep cost per pop increased from 1.7 to 2.55.
Cooldown of Fallback Plan reduced from 120s -> 90s.
After breaking a retreat with Fallback Plan, retreat is now disabled for 5s instead of 10s.

Purgation Squad:
Incinerator damage type changed from flame pvp to bile spewer pvp.
Incinerator close range damage per hit increased from 8.75 to 12.5. Dps wise, it is from 5.9 to 8.44.
Modifier adjusted from 1.25 to 1.7875.
Incinerators now suppress independently of model count.
Purge by Fire! damage increased from 3 to 4 dps.
Purge by Fire! range reduced from 25 to 15.
Purge by Fire! now disables speed gained from charging or leaping.
Conversion Beamer now by default slows vehicles hit by it by 40%.
Electropulse now increases the slow strength on vehicles hit to 60%.
Conversion Beamer reload duration reduced from 5 seconds to 4.6 seconds.
Psycannons cost decreased from 75/20 to 65/15.
We are aware that Purgation Squad is in a very weird spot due to their innate design. This is a band-aid fix to make them somewhat appealing until we can commit more resources towards this unit in the near future.

Vindicare Assassin:
Vindicare Assassin now has detection range of 40.
We decided to give the Vindicare Assassin an enhanced detection to make Ordo Malleus not as reliant on operatives.

Strike Squad:
Justicar upkeep cost per pop reduced from 2.55 to 2.16. In total, reduced from 12.75 to 10.8.
Strike Squad now get out of combat regen of 1.5 hp/s if not within range 40 of an enemy.
This should massively help Ordo Malleus with map control in T1. We couldn't go with the 2x healing in base due to base aura stacking in team games.

Interceptor Squad:
Justicar upkeep cost reduced from 2.55 to 2.16. In total, reduced from 12.75 to 10.8.
Furious Intervention energy cost decreased from 65 to 60.
Psycannon damage per hit increased from 11.5 to 15.4.
Psycannon damage type changed from armor piercing pvp to psycannon pvp. Dps wise, it is 11.11 dps vs infantry and 8.33 dps vs vehicles.

Battle Frenzy default damage resistance bonus increased from 20% to 35%.

Purifier Squad:
Justicar upkeep cost reduced from 2.55 to 2.16. In total, reduced from 12.75 to 10.8.

Grey Knight Terminators:
Build time decreased from 75 seconds to 60 seconds.
Reinforcement time decreased from 18.75 seconds to 15 seconds.

Vortimer Razorback:
Twin Linked Psycannon no longer deals AoE damage.

ImageSpace Marines

Master-Crafted Bolter cost increased from 100/25 to 125/25.
Artificer Armor health regen decreased from 3 to 2.5 hp/s.
Powerful Sweep cooldown increased from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.

Force Commander:
Terminator Armor Wargear now leaves the Force Commander with the same percentage of total health as just before the upgrade finished instead of a set value upon completion of the upgrade. For example, if he had 75% of total health right before the completion of the upgrade, he will still have 75% of total health when the upgrade finishes.

Venerable Dreadnought:
Global cost increased from 600/50/300 to 600/75/300.
Dark Age of Technology cost decreased from 100/50 to 100/30.

Scout Squad:
Elite Training health regeneration is no longer active while the unit is retreating.
Shotgun medium range damage modifier reduced from 0.85 to 0.8.
Shotgun close range damage modifier reduced from 1 to 0.9.
We heard your concerns regarding Scout Squad’s current strength and are monitoring their performance.

Devastator Plasma Cannon Squad:
Cost increased from 400/15 to 400/20.


Synapse Backlash damage has been reduced for following units.
Genestealer Brood takes reduced damage from 12% to 10%.
All other non-monstrous infantry takes reduced damage from 14% to 10%.

Ravener Alpha:
Tunnel red granted upon death reduced from 15 to 10.

Tyrant Guard:
Cost changed from 400/60 to 375/65.

Infestation Tower:
Spawn Spore Mines cost reduced from 100/5 to 70/5/35.

Spore Mines:
Spore Mines now have 100 melee skill.

Zoanthrope health increased from 300 to 310.
Zoanthrope damage increased from 45 to 49.
Symbiosis energy cost reduced from 60 to 50.

Venom Brood:
Squad now has Deathspitters upgrade.

Available in T2. Cost set to 150/30. New weapon model.
Deathspitters are mutually exclusive with Ranged Synapse.
Increases hp per model from 340 to 400.
Reduces weapon range from 44 to 38.
Has different a firing pattern. Does 24 inferno damage per hit which is equivalent to 24 dps.
Reload time is removed. Does 1 shot per second and 24 damage per shot which is equivalent to 24 dps.
Weapon scatter is addressed.
This is going to be a major new tool for our favorite bugs to deal with super heavy infantry without having to rely on melee.

ImageChaos Space Marines

Chaos Raptors:
Meltaguns upgrade no longer removes suppression from the Jump ability.
Meltaguns upgrade now grants the squad 20% melee resistance.
Meltaguns upgrade no longer reduces Jump energy cost from 60 to 55.

Noise Marines:
Blastmaster crewmen damage per hit reduced from 22 to 18. Dps wise, reduced from 22 dps to 18 dps.
Blastmaster upgrade now lowers the squad hp from 1000 to 675. As per model basis, from 333 hp to 275 hp.
Burst pattern changed from 3-5 to 2 for reliability.

Warp Shift energy cost increased from 50 to 55.

Chaos Terminators:
Squad reinforcement cost reduced from 100/50 to 100/40.
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