Community Discord Server Reopen + Dev Update

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Community Discord Server Reopen + Dev Update

Postby Inekura » Fri 10 Mar, 2023 6:36 pm

Hello again Elite Mod!

As you might already be aware, due to our community server owner Atlas’ account getting hacked, we lost control of our main community Discord server and experienced some strangeness on the main site. The infiltration only affected one user, but to prevent such a situation happening again, we’ve changed the way we distribute ownership and manage passwords and other vital information.

The main site, including its forums, have already been repaired with its only current issue coincidentally being that the site is due for its security certificate to be renewed as well. That will be happening thanks to Adeptus Noobus shortly if it hasn’t already been resolved. This is routine and you should experience no changes on the main site whatsoever as a result of the situation.

For the Discord server however, we are cutting our losses.
To those of you still in the old server we strongly urge you to leave that server immediately. Even if we are returned ownership of the server, we’ve lost its data. To that end, rather than waiting for Discord support to return us an empty server we are plugging our holes and rebuilding immediately. The new server is already up and running and you can find it at this link here:

To reassure you, no financial or account data was compromised and Elite Mod’s repositories and forum data have been untouched. Likewise, Elite Mod itself as a game was completely unaffected in this whole affair.

We are still on schedule to release a public beta of 2.9.9 in the coming week, though slightly delayed due to the time taken resolving this situation.
On the positive end, we had been planning a Discord server update for some time now anyway so this gave us an excuse to fast-track those plans. We’re eager to see how players will respond to the additions of forums and galleries, along with some enhanced security measures and analytics tools behind the scenes. We only regret that it is getting rolled out in these circumstances. If you have any feedback about the new server structure let us know!

Lastly, as a bit of administrative news unrelated to the server incident, the team is sorry to announce that yellowmonkeysouleater, our community manager, parted ways with the Elite-Mod team. We thank yellow for the time and effort he has put in, especially with his guide work, and wish him the best of luck!

Otherwise we’ll be putting out another dev diary with links to the 2.9.9 public beta sometime next week so look out for that! We apologize for the inconveniences this situation has caused and wish you all have the best of days!

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Re: Community Server + Dev Update

Postby Broodwich » Fri 10 Mar, 2023 11:11 pm

thumbs up on communication. Appreciate the efforts
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