tyranids changers for 2.7.1

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tyranids changers for 2.7.1

Postby boss » Sun 14 May, 2017 3:03 am

So far the changes for 2.7 are good for tyranids but their are still some problems I've notice and well here what I think should happen to solve a lot of these

La changes
Toxin Miasma
This is way to cheap for just 100 rec and 20 power should go back up to 25 power

Stalk global
went down from 75 red to 50 should go back up

Feeder Tendrils
This is almost back to retail cost only diffence if that it don't heal for so much but still should cost more rec like 130 or something cost now like 100 and 30 power

Corrosive Claws
Should be set back to 120/30 from 110/25 since to snares now

Toxic Cysts -
This armor is very cheap before but since la has so low heath before you normal get adrenal glands for him but now with the regen buff 15 hp and aoe damage, its to good for just 100 rec and 20 power make it 120 rec and 25 power.
Lets just be clear la was not underpowered cost his wargear suck but because nids suffer from bad av hence you pick ht or ra but then la was not made to deal with vehicles.

The hive tyrant Rending Talons should also be 25 power it basely a wb hammer in terms of dps but instead of ao buff you get aoe damage but it cheaper derp, also termagants should go back down to 240 rec other than Scouts they are the worst range squad in the game for 260 rec only with their upgrade their good.

Now their av still is very stupid sill from what ive seen zoans can still 3 shot all transport or 2 from rear they should not be av at all and capping them just show that this is wrong but then what's tyranids av coming from? Venoms are not great as av damage they have the same range as tankbusters but less damage and little to no buffs and heavy infantry which is very easy to kill only good thing is they can fire on the move.
Their only other av is melee which is not great at all they only do 50% damage to vehicles and well other than the Thorax Swarm which helps to a bit they got no snare so how the hell you going to catch them? other than hero's which is not right at all the other races have great or good range av and snares, yet tyranids main av come from melee tyranids don't deserve to have this their not op like in retail or early elite. Also I don't no why you keep buffing gensteals their not av and was never meant to be they are one of the ultimate melee units in this game not to become a main source of av least that what torpid seems to what I don't like the t2 melee heavy for them its not why you get them you get them to kick the shit out of melee units not to kill dreads or to chase transport cause you wont kill them it not their job in the first place.
So here what should happen

More power cost 60 like before no damage on the Focused Warp Blast for the snare back and more cooldown for it and uncap them they was not needed if you just did this change but ether way focussed warp blast should not do that much damage or maybe its time tyranids get a new unit to help tyranids to give them a better range unit to help deal with vehicles I don't no how easy it will be but I was thinking maybe this guy can help in t2 if you can mod from the tyrant Guard
https://www.games-workshop.com/resource ... ard360.jpg hive guard now on table top their very mean at range but poor in melee and slow arm with impaler cannons high damage but low rate of fire or a shock cannon which is a range haywire shot now in game I was thinking if this can be done should cost 450 rec and 100 power, a small or normal set up time and better range than venom brood, same speed as a tyrant guard as well as a speed boost with Synapse, minall range and no melee attack to show it weakness to melee should have 1500 heath of super heavy infantry now with the impaler cannon they should do higher damage than venom and more range like 2x or a bit more but less than a fex and maybe a splash? I don't no about that tho or change to the shock cannon which is a low damage aoe but a snare the reason why I like this to happen is cos nid have no long range av like other races and it show cos they have to hard a time to deal with transport or dread with out abusing zoans for this would give tyranids a away to help if you pay for it.

And lastly fex should be better in combat or cheaper thay not worth the cost atm even the Barbed Strangler not worth the high cost and since the venom cannon lost it splash it not worth going for since it only good as damaging tanks and stuff your heavy hitting fex and cost one 5th of your pop can only hurt vehicles then yea why go for it? and well the regen buff on the Thornback fex is nice but still its almost cost a Swarmlord and yea not worth it.

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