Gorkanauts and Morkanauts...

Issues dealing with gameplay balance.
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Gorkanauts and Morkanauts...

Postby Warboss Morkamungus » Fri 20 Jan, 2017 12:33 am

Ello der ye squig herders!

Now onto da matter at klaw, Gorkanauts and Morkanauts! Having seen da Morkanaut on DoW III (one of der better ideas, https://www.dawnofwar.com/article/unit- ... -morkanaut) I wanted to see him in the mod. But we'se already got a super unit (kind of, der's something off with the wagon dat I can't quite put me klaw on it) so I got to thinking about da situation involving our canz. Our deff dredds are wonderful in tier 2 but dey lack something, chaos can support dose crusher thingys quite well but we can't and dem space marines have dat snazzy tech upgrade in tier 3 for der dreadnought.

Looking at dat I'm thinking dat da codeboyz need to give our canz a quality o life upgrade, so dey don't feel left out of da WAAAUUGH!

So here's da design thingys from me mek's workshop, take a gander at em and see if der orky enough. Mind dat both of these upgrades require t3.


Req: 250, Power: 40, Time: 50 secs

Effect: The Deff Dredd gains 500 health, the inspiring trait (same as the space marine dreadnought) and Gorkpage replaces Rampage. The health increase replaces (and does not add to) the Burnaz 'n Bitz health increase upgrade.


Cost: 50 red

Increases the speed of the Deff Dread by 4 for 10 seconds, grants all ork infantry within radius 30 +2 speed. Cooldown 60 seconds.


Req: 250, Power: 40, Time: 50 secs

Effect: The Deff Dread gains the Mork's Blessing ability, gains two Weirdum blastas (same statistics as flash gitz ork blastas, the knock back effect applies to infantry and heavy infantry within radius five of the Deff Dread and deals no damage to the dread itself) and replaces rampage with Morkpage. IF the Deff Dredd has Burnaz 'n Bitz upgrade the two Weirdum blastas replace the burnaz.

Mork's Blessing: The Deff dread gains a kustom forcefield that causes damage to reduce RED instead of health at a ratio of 1 red for every 5 damage and grants immunity to slow down effects from anti vehicle weapons and grenades.


Cost: 50 red

The Deff Dread and all ork infantry within radius 20 gain stealth for fifteen seconds. Cooldown 60 seconds.

Is it orky enough?

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