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Posted: Sun 12 Mar, 2023 9:59 pm
by Broodwich
How's everyone feel about these guys so far? I like their current opening, being cheap enough to detect with the doom pistols to give them a defensive support utility (do these debuffs stack?)

Not a huge fan of the 3 rifles though, I feel like once you get the upgrade i'd be fine with a revert to the old single rifle. Locking the annoying bit behind another 20 power seems fair enough to me. Obviously remove the doom pistols with the upgrade as well.

Re: Rangers

Posted: Mon 13 Mar, 2023 11:08 pm
by Inekura
Hey Broodwich!
The debuff doesn´t stack.
We are gonna experiment with some different numbers regarding the sniper rifles on a test build soon.
Currently they are definetly underperforming.
Make sure to hop on the test build if its out (hopefully within the next two weeks) to see if it feels any better.