ClanWars is back baby!!!

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daddy E
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ClanWars is back baby!!!

Postby daddy E » Sun 21 Nov, 2021 6:24 pm

Brothers and sisters,
I am here to announce that the FEG clan will be having a grudge match vs DA TRUNK clan following some disputes between the two,
the clans problemes will be settled by a 2v2 BO5 series between Seraf/Shippy [FEG] vs Gordian/Ovarmind [BAGAŻNIK].

-The match will be played on Saturday 27th of this month at 8:00PM ET , and the rules are the following:
>each player pick 5heros.
>Hero bans: one per entire bo5, works only for one game.
>Map bans: for entire bo5, 2 per team
>First pick determined by coinflip, after that winners pick first, losers second.

In order to ensure eternal peace after the grudge is done, both leaders of the clans have opposed victory demands on their rival, the defeated clan must honore the terms which are the following:

In case of FEG loss (which will never happen):
-The FEG must cease existance.
-Shippy becomes a member of DA TRUNK.
-Seraf admits that LA is op (la is fair and balanced imho)
-Adila makes an official discord server for DA TRUNK clan.

In case of DA TRUNK loss:
-Gordian stop playing Cl and admits its the most lame hero there is.
-All memebers of DA TRUNK must reject DA TRUNK and embrace the one and devine FEG.
-Seraf gets to call jokes on Gordian's mom whenever he wish it (jk).

-Bets are welcomed, however 25% of the revenues will go to Adila's family to help him stay focused on balancing the mod, and more importantly delete rangers.

-Streams: hopefully we will manage to get some streamers in time to broadcast the grudge for you to watch and enjoy, everyone is welcomed to stream/cast the games from the series.

reject DA TRUNK, embrace FEG,
strawberry peace out.
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Re: ClanWars is back baby!!!

Postby shipy00 » Mon 22 Nov, 2021 2:25 pm

real shit
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Re: ClanWars is back baby!!!

Postby LOCALgHOST » Thu 25 Nov, 2021 8:49 am

peace da da trunk!

that was my bet
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Re: ClanWars is back baby!!!

Postby l_Alerion » Fri 26 Nov, 2021 9:37 am

I hope that I will can stream it for my congregate
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Dark Riku
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Re: ClanWars is back baby!!!

Postby Dark Riku » Thu 02 Dec, 2021 3:47 pm

What's the result?!
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Gordian Vorenthul
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Re: ClanWars is back baby!!!

Postby Gordian Vorenthul » Thu 02 Dec, 2021 3:57 pm

Dark Riku wrote:What's the result?!


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