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MTT Guide for Referees

Posted: Wed 24 Jun, 2020 7:53 am
by Impregnable
- MTT Codex Link: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2760.

Table of Contents
1/ General Introduction
2/ The Rite of Initiation
- 2.1/ Prerequisite
- 2.2/ Referee Training
- 2.3/ First Tournament Trial
3/ Active Duty
4/ Off Duty I Resigning

1/ General Introduction
- Welcome to the Referee Force Mr. Volunteer. :D
- You need to bookmark this page or save its link.

Reading Guide
1) Training/Revising
- Those who came here for the first time training are required to read the entire post.
- If you are here for revising, should visit viewtopic.php?f=14&t=8331 and ignore the current page. Contents of the current page are not important to a referee who received training in the past as they deal with non tournament rule related part of being a referee such as when the organizer contacts referees for each tournament and how are Monthly Team Tournaments are scheduled.

2) Training Session
- Although, this page contains all necessary information you require to know with great deal of explanation provided in each section, there are subtle know-how related problems that has to be taught by the organizer personally as they are easy to miss when written in text.
- Therefore, a training session is absolutely necessary for a new referee candidate before their first attempt in a real tournament.

3) MTT Codex
- MTT Codex linked on the very top of the page also contains all of below information however I recommend referees to not read it until one get used to doing things the way they are written in this page. The main rule page will only serve to confuse new referees because of two things.
- Firstly, since it is the main rule page, it contains a lot of information that is unrelated to doing a referee duty. Besides, related information is spread out in an unorganized manner. Secondly, there is no explanation provided. For example, it tells you a referee should be able to do this and that but it does not tell you how. That how part is also included somewhere in that same page but you have to know where it is located to find it which is not possible for a referee trainee to do.
- All in all, trying to use the main rule page to get trained as a referee is very inefficient. The current page you are viewing is exactly designed to solve those problems. Took excerpts from the main page from only referee related parts, reorganized them in a sensible manner and attached great deal of explanation for each and every section.
- Therefore, master this page first before you take a look at MTT Codex if you happen to get intrigued about how non referee related parts of tournaments are managed.

4) Labels Detail
  • ^
    - When above label is attached in front of below labels, it means what is written beneath the label only applies to the statement right above it. When it is not attached, it means what is written beneath the label applies to the entire section it belongs to.
  • Procedure
    - Provides step by step guide on what to do if that section applies to you.
  • Explanation
    - Tells you why that section is needed to be done or be understood for a referee.
  • Know-Hows
    - Includes various tips that help you on applying or understanding what is written in that section.
    - This part is usually included due to many referees in the past having hard time about applying or understanding that particular section during training sessions.
    - Warns you on common misunderstandings and mistakes that can be made while trying to apply or understand that particular section.
  • Related Bug/Solution
    - Consists of reports of technical bugs that you need to know about and how to solve them.
2/ The Rite of Initiation
- The Rite of Initiation consists of 3 stages. Firstly, all newly joined trainee are checked whether they can meet prerequisites. Secondly, they are given a referee training session before their first tournament. Lastly, they actually try what they have learnt at one of tournaments.

2.1/ Prerequisite
- One who seeks to be a referee should have all of below requirements met. There are no other requirements beside ones stated below.
1) Hardware/Software Requirement
  • Own a steam copy of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution.
  • Own a computer that can run Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution Elite Mod without any major bugs or lags on minimum settings.
  • Have an stable Internet connection that can run multiplayer of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution Elite Mod without any major bugs or lags on minimum settings.
2) Scheduling Requirement
a) Able to come online on Steam between 5 PM UTC ~ 11 PM UTC and spend 1 hour freely without having to leave in the middle.
- Should check with the organizer about time conversion into local time if you don't know how to convert it yourself.

b) Able to help at least once in 4 months.
- People with below stated problems won't be able to meet this requirement thus cannot be a referee.
  • Based on past experience, can expect one will be unable to help in 6 or 7 out of 8 Saturdays over the course of 2 months.
    - What it means by unable to help is not being able to get online on Steam between 5 PM UTC ~ 11 PM UTC on Saturday.
    - Being unable to help in 6 or 7 out of 8 Saturdays based on above standard mostly results in being able to help only 1 or 2 times in an entire year or none based on abnormalities in schedule which definitely not meet the requirement of being able to at least once in 4 months.
  • One's schedule is so radical that one does not know what happens an hour from any moment.
    - A referee should be able to know that one will be able to help at least an hour beforehand the tournament start.
  • One can be called off any moment and have no control over it.
    - This means one cannot meet requirement of being able to spend 1 hour freely without having to leave in the middle.
2.2/ Referee Training
- All newly recruited referees must take a training session with the organizer.
Step 1> Getting enlisted on the notification list
- Once you informed the organizer that you want to be become a referee, you are put on the notification list. Then, the organizer contact you a week before every tournament on Steam.
Step 2> Making a training session appointment
- When you confirm that you can 100% arrive on the tournament day when contacted on Steam a week before it happens, a training session appointment is made a day or two before the tournament.
- It has to be done close to tournament day so that newly trained referees can apply what they have learnt while their memories of the training are still fresh.
Step 3> Doing the training session
- On the day of the appointment, the organizer will be online and contact you on Steam on the time you requested.
- Once you are contacted, the organizer will commence the training via Discord voice talk. It usually takes less than 30 minutes to learn everything written in this page.

2.3/ First Tournament Trial
- The final step in becoming a referee is actually applying what you have learnt on one of tournaments.
- Rules will all make sense once you try applying them on an actual tournament.
- Take it slow on applying rules step by step. Newly trained referees are always placed on Division C in which players involved are more lenient on new referees taking things slowly to not make mistakes.
- Can contact the organizer anytime to make sure what you are doing is correct.
- After your first tournament participation, the initiation phase ends and you are considered as on active duty.

3/ Active Duty
- Those who pass the right of initiation are given on active duty status. Below are details of what being on active duty entails.

3.1/ Scheduling
1) Referee Scheduling
- Referees are contacted a week before every Monthly Team Tournament on Steam.
- When contacted, referees are required to tell the organizer whether they are available or not.
- You are not required to help every month. There is no penalty for not joining every time so do not force yourself to help if you are either unable or unwilling due to personal reasons.
- You are not required to arrive at the start of a tournament. As written in the prerequisite part, as long as you can arrive within 6 hours after a tournament begins, you can still help.
- The organizer due to his time constraints and timezone difference is very likely to send you a message when you are offline on Steam. These offline messages should be presented to you as soon as you come online but there has been several reports from numerous referees that they did not get notified when getting online. Therefore, I highly recommend that every referee manually check their Steam chat with me during the tournament week. I always send a message before the tournament day. If you didn't get the message notification, that is not because i didn't send you a message but because a bug occurred. Manually open up Steam chat with me and you will see that a new message you have not seen before has appeared.

- Referees only need to help for Monthly Team Tournaments. Other events or tournaments hosted by the organizer(Impregnable) do not require referee assistance.

2) Monthly Team Tournament Scheduling
- Monthly Team Tournament is a once per month tournament.
- The organizer can host more tournaments outside the regular schedule if he has more time.
- Tournament is always held at 5 PM UTC and always on Saturday.
- Depending on where you live, the tournament day can be Sunday instead of Saturday.

- Usually, the tournament is held at the first Saturday of each month.
- Future tournament schedules are posted on Tournaments section of this forum after the last event of May, August, November and February.
- Decided dates are rarely changed.

3.2/ 4 Months Rule
- Although referees are not required to help every month, they should be able to participate at least once in 4 months.
- When a referee fails to participate for more than 4 months, the process stated under 4/ Off Duty I Resigning is applied.

3.3/ Retraining
- After first real tournament participation, referees do not need to be retrained under normal circumstances.
- Retraining will happen only when there is a huge change in tournament rules or when a referee returns from going off duty.
- The organizer will contact you on Steam when retraining becomes necessary.

3.4/ Streaming or Playing in a tournament
- Being listed as a referee does not stop you from streaming or playing as a player in my tournaments.
- Ask the organizer anytime when you want to do either or both of them while not helping as a referee.
- In addition, both streaming and playing as a player is possible while helping as a referee at the same time. However, this is not allowed to referees in process of completing initiation rites.
1) Participating as a Streamer
a) Streamer
- When purely streaming, you are considered a streamer and is subject to streamer rules.
- Can declare to the organizer anytime to switch to other roles stated in this section.

b) Streamer + Referee
- Streamer rules are applied alongside referee rules.
- Referee rules take priority over streamer rules if they happen to overlap.
- Can declare to the organizer anytime to switch to other roles stated in this section.

2) Participating as a Player
a) Player
- When deciding to join as a player, you are considered a player and is subject to rules that affect a participating player.
- Can declare to the organizer anytime to switch to other roles stated in this section.

b) Player + Referee
b.1) When there more than enough referees for each room
- By default, the organizer provides other referees to referees participating as a player and they can let go of their refereeing duty until they get eliminated from the tournament. After getting eliminated, they assume refereeing only status.
- Can declare to the organizer anytime to switch to other roles stated in this section.

b.2) When there are not enough referees for each room
- If there are no referees to provide, referees participating as a player must referee one's your own rooms until one get eliminated from the tournament. After getting eliminated, they assume refereeing only status.
- If the opposing team members have a problem with you participating as a player while doing refereeing, should contact the organizer quickly so that he can halt the room and provide another referee. If there is no one to provide, the match has to wait for other rooms to finish to set their hosting referees free. When the new referee arrives, you can let go of refereeing duty and assume a player's role until you get eliminated. After getting eliminated, you assume refereeing only status.
- Can declare to the organizer anytime to switch to other roles stated in this section.

3) Participating as a Streamer + Player
a) Streamer + Player
- You are subject to both streamer rules and rules that affect a participating player.
- Can declare to the organizer anytime to switch to other roles stated in this section.

b) Streamer + Player + Referee
- This is also possible if you want.
- In this case, you are subject to both rules under 1) Participating as a streamer and 2) Participating as a player sections.
- Can declare to the organizer anytime to switch to other roles stated in this section.

the organizer contact him or her to check circumstances behind the absence and take below actions depending on the answer.
4.1) Absent due to short term abnormalities in schedule
- The organizer normally contacts you each month since the cause behind absence was short term and not lasting abnormalities in schedule.
- However, 4 months is enough time to forget about details of doing referee duty. Therefore, you require a retraining when joining again. Retraining is done with same learning process as you went through when you first got initiated.
4.2) Absent due to long term and lasting problems in schedule
- This usually means your scheduling changed over the course of time and you became unable to meet 2.1.2) Scheduling Requirement part of prerequisite. Depending on your decision one of below course of actions is taken.
- Remember that decision is on you. It does not take much effort for the organizer to put you off list and check again after a certain number of months you request.
- On top of that, the organizer can always be contacted again at Elite Mod Discord Channels thus deciding to quit being a referee does not mean forever losing contact with the organizer.
a) You judged that there is no way out of this problem anytime soon and do not want the organizer to contact you again later to check.
- You get removed from the organizer's Steam friend list in order to free up space for those who want to be involved and he bids you farewell.
b) You decided to ask the organizer to contact you after a certain number of months and see how the situation changes during off list time.
- The limit in length of no ask period is an year.
- If your situation does not change when contacted again after off list period,
4.3) You lost interest in being a referee
- There is nothing wrong about this. You can decide to quit being a referee anytime.
- You get removed from the organizer's Steam friend list in order to free up space for those who want to be involved and he bids you farewell.

4/ Off Duty I Resigning
- Referees on Active Duty can go off duty or resign anytime when they want.
- However, in some cases, referees are forced to go off duty or resign against their will.

4.1/ Off Duty
- Anytime when a referee wants to, he or she can go off duty.
- Going off duty means a referee asking the organizer to put him or her off the regular notification schedule and contact him or her after a number of months he or she chooses.
- The maximum time limit for off duty requests is an year.
- Contact the organizer on either Steam or Discord when you wish to go off duty.
Steam -
Discord - Impregnable#8903

4.2/ Resigning
- Anytime when a referee wants to, he or she can resign from being a referee.
- Contact the organizer on either Steam or Discord when you wish to resign.
Steam -
Discord - Impregnable#8903

1/ Remember that you are not required stay throughout the duration of an entire tournament.
- The most important part is first 1 hour and 30 minutes at the beginning of the tournament. The demand for referees is the greatest at that time. For example, if there are 32 teams, there are 16 matches that has to start simultaneously and each of those match cannot start without a referee. In that case, when there are less than 16 referees, those rooms without referees need to wait for maximum 1 hour and 30 minutes in order to start their first game which causes great delays in the progress of a tournament and annoys affected players a lot. This is why it is extremely important to help in first 1 hour and 30 minutes and also why you only need 1 hour and 30 minutes in order to help as a referee. After that first 1 hour and 30 minutes time period, half of referees can leave as the demand for referees start to decrease very steeply starting from Round 2 onward.(16 -> 8 -> 4 -> 2 -> 1)

2/ You can still help even if you cannot arrive at the start of the tournament.
- MTT usually takes about 8 hours to finish. If you can arrive within that 8 hours time span, you can help by taking over for other referees. Not everyone has the stamina or time to arrive at the start and stay until the very end of the tournament. Therefore, any referee who arrive late to the tournament can still be of great help by covering hosting duties for the end part of the tournament.

What does it mean to be a referee.
- Referee duty is largely divided into 3 phases and into 2 characteristics. 95% Organizational, 5% Judging. Organizational nature is emphasized in order to make the tournament accessible to as many people as possible. Referees host rooms and gather people so that players involved do not have to host their own rooms and know who are their opponents. For single sign ups, this allows them to not bring a partner while also not having to know in advance who will be their given partner. Next, players do not need to know rules at all because Referees proceed matches according to rules and tell each player what to do if they do not know. Same applies with dealing emergency situations like dealing with disconnections during mates or someone leaving in the middle. Basically, this simplifies process of joining the tournament to the point of single sentence. Sign up for the tournament and follow referee instructions once it starts. This means players who join do not need to know anything about the tournament procedures and rules and still can participate without trouble maximizing accessibility of the tournament.
- Hosting the game room and gathering players in Phase 1, Proceeding matches according to rules in Phase 2 and dealing with abnormal situations when they arises in phase 3 which is an optional phase that happens only when there is an abnormality.

2/ Pre-Tournament Check List
- Before the tournament, referees should go through below section to check 1) Whether one got necessary technical set ups done and 2) Whether one learnt necessary organizational know-hows provided in this section.

2.1/ Technical Set Up
1) ESL Reporter
- Download Link >>>
Step 1> Go to above link and scroll down to find Elite Reporter add-on app download link.
- Some people get confused with patch link present in the same page. The one under Elite Reporter add-on app is the correct download link.
- Should be easy to distinguish due to far smaller file size shown on the download button.

Step 2> Download from the link and unzip the zip file you get from it.
- You will get a folder with an exe program included and this folder can be placed anywhere.
- Inside the folder, there is an exe program.
- You run that program before running the game and that is all that you have to do in order to make ESL Reporter operational.
- You should exit to the score screen after each game not exit to windows in order for ESL reporter to work.

- ESL reporter auto saves replays on your local ESL folder while also uploading them into our main website server at the same time.
- Replays acquired this way are used in cases when replay evidences are needed.

2) The latest patch for Elite Mod
- Check the forum's release section if you are unsure whether you have the latest patch. The latest patch release post is always separately located on the very top of the list under Announcements.
- There are two ways to get a new patch. The first option is to get a manual installer.exe and the second option is to get Auto Updater. Both can be used to acquire a new patch.
- The Auto Updater does not detect your Steam folder location unlike installer.exe. Therefore, you have to manually set the correct location for it if your Retribution folder is in non default location.
- The Auto Updater is known to erase custom color schemes and badges alongside option settings when downloading a new patch.

3) Challonge ID and Collaborator Right
Step 1> Make Challonge ID and report your ID to the organizer.
Step 2> When the organizer send the invite, the notification appears on the bell icon located at the top right corner of the Challonge interface.
- You have to be logged in to see the notification.
Step 3> Accept the invitation
- This process gives you a collaborator status at the Challonge community the organizer created.
( ... 7db514bbed)
- The collaborator right is used for allowing referees to edit scores at Bracket Page.
- The communities you joined can be accessed through left top side of Communities tab. Clicking on it transfers you to Communities screen and the list of the communities you joined are shown in a form of a list at the left bar panel of the screen. You access the community you joined by clicking it from the aforementioned list.

4) MRT Group Chat
Step 1> Copy paste this link ( into any Steam chat box and click on the pasted link.
Step 2> Click the pasted link to enter the main page of the Steam group.
Step 3> Join the group from that page and gain the right to enter the group chat.
Step 4> Join MRT group chat by clicking on Enter chat room button.
- If you accidentally close down the group chat box, there are two ways to get back into it.
- First way is to use the Steam main screen. Open up big Steam screen and put your cursor on top of your ID tab which is located on the top side of the screen next to COMMUNITY tab. That will bring down a list of menus and you click on GROUPS menu from the list. From the list of groups that appears, click on MRT group.
- Second way of getting back into it is by using the friend list pop up screen. You will find GROUP CHATS bar at the bottom of your friend list pop up screen. Drag it upwards to see all group chats you are currently in.

- Steam does not allow chat between users who did not add each other as a friend but contacting through Group chat is an exception.
- Being in the same group chat allows you to send direct message to users who are not your Steam friend as long as they are in the same group chat.
- Direct messaging is done through right side member list panel of a group chat.

5) Adding the organizer as a friend on Steam
- From the organizer's personal experience, Steam interface is way less heavy compared to Discord's one.
- Also, I find it easier to contact and organize people through it with categories function of Steam friend list and separate DM screens that can be organized as the user wishes with simple click and drags. All of these functions are not provided on Discord.
- This is why I require every referee to add me as a friend on Steam.

5.1) Steam Profile Link Method
Step 1> Copy paste the provided link on any open steam chat box and click on the pop up link that appears.
- This transfers you to the organizer's profile page.
Step 2> Click on the Add Friend button on the left side of the profile screen.
^Related Bug/Solution
- If you cancel a friend invitation before it gets accepted, a bug occurs that prevents you from sending the friend request again to that particular person. When you click on Add Friend button when this bug occurs, you receive steam bug message that says "Error adding friend. Please try again."
- The only way to solve this bug is by blocking and unblocking the said person. The option to block or unblock a person is located under More button located right next to the Add Friend button at the profile page.[/i]

5.2) Steam Friend Code Method
Step 1> From Steam main screen, put the cursor on top of the tab on the right side of COMMUNITY tab(Your steam profile name).
Step 2> Click FRIENDS from options that appear.
Step 3> From the left side panel, click on Add a Friend tab.
Step 4> Enter a Friend Code provided above.

2.2/ Organizational Know-How
1) Tournament related terms
a) Best of X
- Best of 3 means whoever wins 2 times first wins the entire series.
b) Bracket Page
- A bracket is a tree diagram that represents the series of games played during a knockout tournament.
c) Participant List
- Participant List is a page that contains a list of players that signed up for a tournament.
d) Map Pool
- Map Pool is a list of maps that are allowed to be used in a tournament. Maps that are not included in the list cannot be used in that tournament.
e) Division
- Players are divided into Divisions based on their grades. Grades are updated after each tournament.
- ... edit#gid=0
Division A/ Above 200
Division B/ 100 ~ 199
Division C/ 0 ~ 99
- Players belonging to a Division only compete against players belonging to the same Division.
- Each Division has a separate Bracket Page and Participant List
- Referees are required to know what above terms mean.

2) Finding necessary links at forums
a) Sign up page
- All necessary links can be found on each MTT sign up page which are accessed through below route.
( -> Forum -> Tournament Section -> Sign up page)
- MTT sign up pages are titled in below format.
(Monthly Team Tournament (Number) @ (Month & Date) Saturday)
b) Bracket Page
- Bracket Page links are located at sign up pages.
- Provided links lead to Challonge website.
- Bracket Page and Participant List are two different tabs that belong to the same page in Challonge. Bracket tab is Bracket Page.
- Each Division has a separate Bracket Page.
c) Participant List
- Participant List links are located at the sign up pages.
- Provided links lead to Challonge website.
- Bracket Page and Participant List are two different tabs that belong to the same page in Challonge. Discussion tab is Participant List.
- Each Division has a separate Participant List.
- Referees should be able to find above pages at a moment's notice without help from the organizer.

3) Standard settings for multiplayer matches
Victory Point Control: 500 VPs
Starting Location: Random
Resources: Standard
- All tournament matches should have above settings as a default.

4) Saving Replays
a) How to save replays in game
- Manually saving replay is done at the score screen you get transferred to once the game you played or observed gets concluded.
- Save Replay button is located at the down right side of the score screen.
b) Locating replay files
- Replays files are located at playback folder which can be reached by following below route.
(My Document -> My Games -> Dawn of War II - Retribution -> Playback)
c) How to recover replays if you crash before saving the replay of a match or when you forget to save a replay
- If you happen to crash at the end of the game and is unable to save the replay manually, the replay file of the last game you played can be recovered by renaming temp.rec file located in playback folder.
(temp.rec -> abcd.rec)
- A referee should learn above know-hows and be readily able to apply them any moment.

- There is no requirement for becoming a streamer.
- The one who wants to stream need to contact the organizer directly either on Steam or Discord.
Steam -
Discord - Impregnable#8903
- On the day of the tournament, once you are ready to stream, give the stream link to the organizer either on Steam or Discord.
- Once you enter a room, need to tell the referee who is the host of the room that you are a streamer. Then, that referee will contact the organizer to confirm your permission to stream.
- If you are denied entry, get kicked from rooms, have no room to stream or have any other trouble tell the organizer either on Steam or Discord.
- Streamers who have not been trained as a referee do not need to read the rest of this post. You may read it to understand how the tournament is run by referees but reading it is not a requirement for those who want to stream.

- Sentences highlighted in blue only apply to streamers. All other instructions apply to both referees and streamers.
- Streamers are assigned referee duty when there are not enough referees around.
- Streamers can turn off their stream and act as referee only if they see fit.

- Streamers can turn off their stream and act as referee only if this happens in their room. The other option is to contact the organizer to bring in other referee to take responsibilities for the room and move on to other rooms to stream.