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MTT Reference Page for Referees/Streamers

Postby Impregnable » Thu 09 Feb, 2017 1:34 pm

Detailed version of rules can be found here. >>> viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2760

Table of Contents
1. Common Instructions
2. Check List
3. Referee/Streamer
4. Tournament Final Specific Rules

1. Common Instructions
  • Keep on checking steam messages from the organizer thorughout the tournament.
  • Save replay of games that lasted longer than 25 minutes and send it to the organizer's email address at the end of the tournament. >>>
  • Remember that you are not required stay throughout the duration of an entire tournament. The most important part is first 1 hour and 30 minutes at the beginning of the tournament. The demand for referees is the greatest at that time. For example, if there are 32 teams, there are 16 matches that has to start simultaneously and each of those match cannot start without a referee. In that case, when there are less than 16 referees, those rooms without referees need to wait for maximum 1 hour and 30 minutes in order to start their first game which causes great delays in the progress of a tournament and annoys affected players a lot. This is why it is extremely important to help in first 1 hour and 30 minutes and also why you only need 1 hour and 30 minutes in order to help as a referee. After that first 1 hour and 30 minutes time period, half of referees can leave as the demand for referees start to decrease very steeply starting from Round 2 onward.(16 -> 8 -> 4 -> 2 -> 1)
  • On the other hand, there is a way to help even if you cannot arrive at the start of the tournament. MTT usually takes about 8 hours to finish. If you can arrive within that 8 hours time span, you can help by taking over for other referees. Not everyone has the stamina or time to arrive at the start and stay until the very end of the tournament. Therefore, any referee who arrive late to the tournament can still be of great help by covering hosting duties for the end part of the tournament.
2. Check List
1) Did you add the organizer on steam? >>>

2) Do you have the latest patch for Elite Mod?
- Check the forum's release section if you are unsure.

3) Do you have general knowledge about standard settings for multiplayer matches?
Victory Point Control: 500 VPs
Starting Location: Random
Resources: Standard

4) Are you able to navigate forums and find necessary links in case given links are lost?
- All necessary links can be found on each MTT sign up page which are accessed through below route. -> Forum -> Tournament Section -> MTT sign up pages

5) Are you familiar with tournament related terms?
- Do you know what it means by best of 3 and Best of 5?

3. Referee/Streamer
- Sentences highlighted in blue only apply to streamers. All other instructions apply to both referees and streamers.
- Streamers are assigned referee duty when there are not enough referees around.
- Streamers can turn off their stream and act as referee only if they see fit.

Phase 1 - Gathering People
Step 1/ Be on time at MRT group chat. MRT group chat allows you to contact people on steam who is not on your steam friend list >>>
- Once you get online, if you got time, give me a message on steam just before the tournament start saying that you are ready.

Step 2/ Put up Bracket Page and Participant List on separate tabs and refresh them often. They can be found in the sign up page. Sign up pages are located at the tournament section of the forum.
- Bracket Page and Participant List are provided as links that leads to Challogne website. You are required to know that Bracket Page and Participant List are two different tabs that belong to the same page in Challogne. Discussion tab is Participant List while Bracket tab is Bracket Page.
- You are only required to put them on separate tabs for convenience of looking at each page without having to click on tabs.
- If alt tabbing from the game while hosting matches to see Challogne pages crashes or lags your computer, use smartphone to open Challogne pages.

Step 3/ Once Bracket Page and Participant List are finished, the organizer directly message you on steam on which match to host like below.
- Team A vs Team B hosted by Referee C
- Brawling of Lokyo vs Brooding Shroom hosted by Endor

Step 4/ According to the organizer's instruction, host your room and place yourself at the observer slot.
- Multiplayer Matches -> Custom Games -> Public -> Host -> Name your room
- The room should be named using team names provided by Bracket Page like below.
- Team A vs Team B
- Brawling of Lokyo vs Brooding Shroom

Step 5/ After hosting the room, go to Participant List in order to identify 4 players who are required to be in your room.
- You can quickly find them by using search function in your browser to search for their team name. In Chrome, hotkey for search function is Ctrl + F.

Step 6/ After figuring out who are involved players, contact them directly through MRT group chat. >>>
- What I mean by directly contacting players is to actually directly send steam messages to them and not just announce their IDs in the group chat.
- In the group chat's right side panel, there is a list of players inside the group chat. Right next to their steam IDs, there is a small downward pointing arrow icon. Clicking on in gives you various options and one of options is to send direct message to them. This can be done even if they are not your steam friend.
- Using search tab located on top of the player list for searching ID is recommended.
- Report to the organizer immediately when players are missing from the steam group chat or from your room for any reason.

Phase 2 - Rule Enforcing
- After gathering 4 involved players into your room, you are required to proceed matches according to rules.
- Report match results to the organizer after each match.

- Remember that Map Picking procedure is always done first before Hero Picking procedure starts.

Map Picking
1st Game - Predetermined by the organizer for each Round(Can be found on brackets)
2nd Game - The losing team of the previous match chooses
3rd Game - The losing team of the previous match chooses
4th Game - The losing team of the previous match chooses
5th Game - The losing team of the previous match chooses
- No map can be played more than once within a Round.
- Maps that are variants of other maps, such as Calderis Refinery / Valderus Refinery, will count as one map.
- Only maps in the Map Pool may be played to be considered a valid tournament match.(The Map Pool can be found on sign up pages)

Hero Picking
1st Game - Top of the box team first(Have a look at brackets for boxes)
2nd Game - Bottom of the box team first
3rd Game - Top of the box team first
4th Game - Bottom of the box team first
5th Game - Top of the box team first
- Unlike map picking order, hero picking order has nothing to do with winning or losing matches. It follows an set order as shown above until the victor is decided.
- When it is a team's turn to pick heroes, both players belonging to that team have to make their choices.
- Players must choose from 3 pre-picked choices.(Have a look at the Participant List for details)
- Players who chose random can only play random throughout the entire tournament.
- Players must announce their hero picks in the match chat room after finalizing their hero pick.
- Players picking random must announce their race via Shift + Enter once the game starts.

Phase 3 - Dealing with Disconnections and Observers/Streamers
- Duties of Phase 3 come into play when you have to deal with disconnections or when you see observers and streamers in your room. If you are not presented with such situations, you will only need to do duties of Phase 1 and 2.

- If someone disconnects during the game, report to the organizer of the tournament immediately.
- The meaning of the term disconnection used here includes but not limited to any activities that result in leaving the game while the match is in progress such as sound bug, rage quitting and force quitting.
- Below rules do not apply if everyone crash together including the referee or if someone crash during the loading screen. In these cases, the crashed match is reset without penalties given to anyone. Beside these scenarios, below rules are strictly applied.

5 Minutes Rule
  • In case of disconnection, if the match was within 5 minutes(includes length being exact 5 minutes), there is going to be a rematch using the same map and same hero settings on both teams.
  • If any of the players picked random, applicable players must pick the hero the random gave them during the crashed match for the rematch.
  • If the match was beyond 5 minutes, a referee or the tournament organizer will determine the winner using whatever information is available. That decision will be final and without discussion so the tournament can go on as smoothly as possible. Failure to comply will result in tournament ejection of the offending party.
Disconnection Penalties & Solution
  • For whatever reason if a team member disconnects twice, it will result in that player being ejected out of the tournament.
  • If each team member of a team disconnects once within a round, the entire team is disqualified.
  • If someone disconnects during the game, the referee must inform applicable players about above penalties. At the same time, the referee must inform applicable players about the solution. The solution is to turn the game off and on after every match. This is a proven method which prevents crashes of any sort.
- In tournament finals, Tournament Final Specific Rules takes priority.

  • Kick anyone else besides referees, streamers and signed up players who have the organizer's permission for observing. Any other observers are banned.
  • The easiest way to apply this rule is to ask the organizer on steam whenever someone whom you do not recognize enters the observer slot whether that person has permission to be on observer slot or not.
  • Players have the right to kick all observers and streamers. Even if only one player requests it, the referee must kick all observers and streamers from the room.
- Streamers can turn off their stream and act as referee only if this happens in their room. The other option is to contact the organizer to bring in other referee to take responsibilities for the room and move on to other rooms to stream.
- Observing slot purge right cannot be exercised in the finals.

4. Tournament Final Specific Rules
  • All participants including referees who host the final room must turn the game off and on after each match in order to prevent disconnection issues.
  • When a disconnection happens, the team with disconnecting player auto loses that match.
  • If a player leaves during finals for any reason, one of two things can happen.
1) Bring a replacement player
- This can only be done only when all members of both teams agree on accepting the chosen replacement player. The decision must be unanimous in order to prevent disputes. If one of the involved players refuses, the second option applies.
- The player who lost his or her mate has the first say on whom to pick but if he or she for some reason cannot bring or choose a reserve, the organizer can bring one for the team.
- If the player who lost his or her mate and the organizer is for some reason unable to bring in reserve, bystanders like streamers, referees, observers can bring one but remember that the decision must be unanimous in order to prevent disputes. If one of the involved players refuses, the second option has to be applied.
- Prize is not granted to anyone if there is a replacement during the finals.
- This rule does not apply to Division C finals.

2) Freeze the score and stop the tournament
- The score freezes at that moment and replacement players are not allowed. The match will be decided by whatever the score was at that point. If the score is a draw, then there will be no champion team for that tournament and thus prizes will not be granted.
- The reasons for leaving includes but not limited to Disconnections, Rage quitting and not returning to the next game lobby, Turning off steam, Getting ejected from the tournament by disconnections rule.
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