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Monthly Team Tournament Codex

Postby Impregnable » Wed 17 Aug, 2016 8:05 am

This is a page to help people understand the detailed rules of Monthly Team Tournament. I will update this page if there are changes in rules for the future. Leave comments below if you are in doubt. It is slightly altered from Codex Tournamentus viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2115 to fit team tournament style.

Table of Contents
1. The Default Format
2. Map Picking
3. Hero Picking
4. Tournament Final Specific Rules
5. Disconnections
6. Dropping
7. Tardiness
8. Reserves
9. Extra Players
10. Prizes
11. Definitions

The Default Format
Match Format:
Game Mode: 2 Versus 2
Victory Point Control: 500 VPs
Starting Location: Random
Resources: Standard
Tournament Format:
- The main tournament will be a Single Elimination Tournament >>> ... tournament
- There will be a separate single elimination tournament for rusty & new players. All the rules of the main tournament applies in this one too but its final is best of 3. The winner of this separate tournament will secure a spot usually in one of the byes or if there is no bye, the last spot of round 1 match.
- For the purpose of preventing main tournament players waiting too long for the rusty & new players to finish up their brackets, the number of teams allowed in are limited to 4.
Number of Matches:
All the matches are best of 3
The finals is best of 5

Map Picking
  • Maps are always selected before hero picks.
  • The first map is always fixed. The first map can be found in the bracket page and the link to the bracket page is posted in the sign up thread.
  • After the first map, the map pick will be the losing team's choice.
  • No map can be played more than once within a Round.
  • Maps that are variants of other maps, such as Calderis Refinery and Valderus Refinery, will count as one map.
  • A map from within the map pool must used for a match to be considered a valid tournament match.
Map Pool
Ashes of Typhon
Calderis Refinery
Desert Showdown
Golgotha Depths
Judgement of Carrion
Medean Cliff Mines
Ruins of Argus
Tharsis Forge

Hero Picking
  • Players can select either only Random or 3 heroes prior to the tournament. Hero picks can be viewed at sign up page of each tournament and at discussion tab of bracket website.
  • Once selected, the player will only be able to pick among those 3 heroes or only Random for the duration of the tournament depending on their selection. Note that nothing requires a player to play as all of pre-selected heroes; a player is free to use just 1 hero through the whole tournament if he or she prefers.
  • The team on the top side of the match cell will select their hero first for the first game. Next game, the team on the bottom side of the match cell will select their hero first, and the order will alternate like this until the victor is decided.
  • Players must announce their hero picks in the match chat room after finalizing their hero pick.
  • Players picking random must announce their heroes via Shift + Enter once the game starts.
  • To check out which team is on the top or bottom of the match cell, have a look the brackets page. The link to the brackets page can always be found at the sign up page of each tournament.

Tournament Final Specific Rules
  • All participants including referees who host the final room must turn the game off and on after each match in order to prevent disconnection issues.
  • If a player leaves during finals for any reason, one of two things can happen.
1) Bring a replacement player
- This can only be done only when all members of both teams agree on accepting the replacement player. The decision must be unanimous in order to prevent disputes. If one of the involved players refuses, the second option applies.
2) Freeze the score and stop the tournament
- The score freezes at that moment and replacement players are not allowed. The match will be decided by whatever the score was at that point. If the score is a draw, then there will be no champion team for that tournament and thus prizes will not be granted.
  • The reasons for leaving includes but not limited to Disconnections, Rage quitting and not returning to the next game lobby, Turning off steam, Getting ejected from the tournament by disconnections rule.

  • In case of disconnection, if the match was within 10 minutes, there is going to be a rematch using the same map and same hero settings on both teams.
  • If the match was beyond 10 minutes, a referee or the tournament organizer will determine the winner using whatever information is available. That decision will be final and without discussion so the tournament can go on as smoothly as possible. Failure to comply will result in tournament ejection of the offending party.
  • For whatever reason if a team member disconnects twice, it will result in that player being ejected out of the tournament. The remaining member must pick a reserve player from the pool of reserves. If no reserve is left or the remaining member rejects accepting a reserve player, the opposing team will win by default.
  • Replacement players are only allowed to be selected from the pool of reserves.

Dropping/Leaving without informing the organizer
  • For whatever reason if a team member leaves the tournament, it will result in that player being ejected out of the tournament. The remaining member must pick a reserve player from the pool of reserves. If no reserve is left or the remaining member rejects accepting a reserve player, the opposing team will advance to the next round by default.
  • Replacement players are only allowed to be selected from the pool of reserves.

  • If a member of the team is absent when the tournament starts, the remaining member must decide within 15 minutes to do one of below things.
    1) Wait for the teammate
    2) Accept the organizer's pick of a reserve player
  • If the entire team doesn't arrive within 15 minutes, the opposing team advances by default.

  • Any signed up participant who arrives after 15 minutes of the tournament start is put in reserve.
  • Any individually signed up participant that doesn't have a partner when the tournament starts is put in reserve.
  • Players can only sign up as a reserve within 2 hour after the start of the tournament.
  • Players who participated in the tournament and lost can be in reserves if they ask the organizer for permission within 2 hours after the tourney start.
  • Players who were rejected out of the tournament due to disconnection/dropping rules cannot for any reason be a reserve.
  • The list of reserves can be found at participant list link.

Extra Players
- Extra Players are defined as anyone inside of a match lobby that is not a player for that match.

  • No private observers allowed. Only signed up streamers and referees can be inside the room.
  • People who signed up for the tournament can be in a match room to observe only if they asked for the organizer in advance. Even so if a player wishes them to leave, they must leave.
  • Also, they must leave if there is no observer slot for referees or streamers.

- Referees are expected to be able to:
  • Be in the tournament chat room some time before the tournament start.
  • Host rooms according to organizer's decisions and help people find their opponents.
  • Referees can play in the tournament but requires the other referee or a streamer to host the room. He or she can resume referee duty once he or she is defeated.
  • Enforce rules according to this page.
  • Resolve disputes between players after watching the match.
  • Referees have first say on rulings. If there is a dispute between refs and players, the dispute is brought up to the tournament organizer. The organizer will have final say on the matter.
  • Under no circumstances are referees to be removed from the lobby.
  • Save each game and send it to the organizer's email address at the end of the tournament. >>>

  • Any player may choose to remove any streamers from the lobby. In case there is no referee when that request happens, the streamer must contact the organizer to dispatch a referee.
  • Streamers also do the part of a referee if there is no other separately signed up referee around.
  • Save each game and send it to the organizer's email address at the end of the tournament. >>>
  • Only signed up streamers are allowed in the lobby.

  • This applies for those who want to get replays after tourney is done for casting.

- If prizes are donated, below rules will apply
  • The actual prize pool will be shown in each MTT registration thread.
  • Typically, prizes are granted in the form of Steam games, but on occasion there will be actual prize money.
  • Donors reserve the right to decline the award of prizes if participation does not meet expectations.
  • Donors reserve all rights in deciding on how to distribute prizes

- This section is placed here purely to standardize tournament language so everyone knows what I am talking about in this page.
  • Bracket: The bracket is a chart that displays the progress of players throughout a tournament.
  • Round: A round is comprised of a single column of the bracket. Each round is named in the bracket with names such as "Round of 16" or "Semifinals". Rounds go from left to right, and with more matches in a round to less matches in a round.
  • Match = Cell: A match is a singular series within a particular round of the bracket. Matches are always between two particular players or teams and each match is composed of several games to determine the winner of that match. Matches are sometimes also called cells. The winner of a match advances into the next round of the tournament.
  • Game: Every match is consist of number of games.

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