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Webway Gates

Postby Black Relic » Tue 16 Jan, 2018 1:03 am

Does anyone know of a way to limit Webway Gates to 4 per player?

I removed them taking up population since they will now have a way of "teleporting" to another location and if population has reached its cap the ability wont work since it eventually builds another web way somewhere else and destroyed the current one.

This is also a balance concern of mine since Eldar Forward bases act completely different than before since their version of the Barrack, Machine Cult and Military Support Building can be build at just about anywhere on the map and can also teleport around. And since the all types of Webway Gates, as well as Military Support Buildings, all are linked together and units can easily arrive a different locations around them map, limiting the Webway Gates to 4 seems logical. And by linked i mean units can enter a Webway Gate an exit an MSB and vise versa. Thanks.
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