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Log Files

Postby Bert » Thu 08 Dec, 2022 11:12 pm

In the first Dawn of War game, enabling -dev mode also enabled log files, where SCAR errors, AI errors and things you told the script to print would show up. Is there something similar for Dawn of War 2? I have found some log files in the documents folder where saved games and settings are stored, but they are always empty.

Also, is there a way to sort Retribution RBF files manually, or convert them to text, sort them and then convert back? Normally, things are sorted alphabetically, but due to the naming in the ai_tuning file, new entries always show up at the bottom, meaning you have to either remember the order in which you added them, or search until you find the one you need to edit.
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Re: Log Files

Postby Impregnable » Fri 09 Dec, 2022 3:58 am

- As for modding help, recommend asking at the Technical Section of Main Elite Discord. You will get answers faster that way.
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