Squad customization using accessories

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Squad customization using accessories

Postby Akhyléus » Tue 05 Oct, 2021 1:46 pm

Hello everybody

Since the last month I started to make a mod based on squad customization mostly inspired by the old Brother of the 4th mod.
I did a first version with squad teammate having special/heavy weapons on leveling.

Not too hard, but I thinks its not enough flavourish. And I though, as we customize our leader weapons, why not doing the same for squads.
The best way is to define to works like Tarkus veteran squad. Having as specific marine for each squad to be a gunner having its wargear base on level and upgrade.

I wanted to try with a easy case : Sniper rifles on all scouts.
I created an upgrade called sm_scout_snipers (i based this upgrade from tarkus veteran squad upgrade sm_tac_sta_veteran_squad)
I defined the scout specific wargear based on this new upgrade and set the other wargear level to priority 2 (like on tactical marine larry)
I created the accessory and set action on_equip_squad_action to grant my squad upgrade (and remove it on remove).
I ran the test get my accessory, tried to equip Cyrus and nothing happened.

I tried to change my owner types and equip squad mod on accessories.

Does someone faced the same issue ?
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Re: Squad customization using accessories

Postby Impregnable » Tue 05 Oct, 2021 6:17 pm

- As for modding help, recommend asking at the Technical Section of Main Elite Discord. You will get answers faster that way.
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Re: Squad customization using accessories

Postby Akhyléus » Wed 06 Oct, 2021 11:43 am

Finally found how to do :
- Create a new wargear tag for your accessory (here squad_sniper_rifles)
- Add this new tag in attribute file (list of wargear tags) if you don't do it, the tag is not recognize in game
- Create the upgrade set the requirements using your wargear tag.
- Insert the upgrade in discretionary upgrades. (other lists doesn't work on campaign squads)
- Setup the default wargear requiring your upgrade on the selected model (here all scouts).
have fun with your new accessory.

I post the answer here to help search ^^.

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