Elite Stats & Leagues

Fedrid Folly • 08:37

Wed 25 Jan 2023 @ 2:52
DoW II Elite
ID: 55761147/140768

DL Zog it

Rutank BC
1593 ± 83 1600 ± 82

Paul Keating FC
1343 ± 280 1281 ± 238
00:13Rutankwent om to mix it up
00:19Paul Keatingok
06:09Rutankyou need to upgrade your scouts to have leader
06:15Rutankit gives them so much more HP
06:23Paul Keatingok
06:35Rutankand shotguns so that my melee guys get absolutely rekt
07:07Rutankthere you go
07:14Rutanknow throw a nade
07:51Rutankthe shield is really good when the enemy has a lot of ranged damage
08:04Rutankotherwise you need to use the sword or wait till t2 to get hammer or power fist
08:24Paul Keatingthx
08:33Paul Keatinggg
00:02RutankPurchase Unit (181)Grey Knight Dreadnought
00:00Paul KeatingPurchase Unit (230)Whirlwind
00:43Paul KeatingPurchase Unit (228)Razorback
00:44RutankPlaced unknown building (131)
01:01RutankPlaced unknown building (131)
00:00Paul KeatingPlaced unknown building (131)
02:13RutankPurchase Unit (178)Strike Squad
02:17Paul KeatingPlaced unknown building (122)
02:24RutankPurchase Wargear (250)
02:34RutankPlaced unknown building (122)
02:40Paul KeatingPurchase Wargear (254)
03:23Paul KeatingPlaced unknown building (122)
03:33Paul KeatingPurchase Wargear (11)
03:37RutankPlaced unknown building (122)
03:37RutankPlaced unknown building (122)
03:37RutankPlaced unknown building (122)
03:39RutankPlaced unknown building (122)
03:48Paul KeatingPurchase Wargear (231)
04:34Paul KeatingPurchase Unit (224)Devastator Squad
04:42Paul KeatingPlaced unknown building (131)
05:05RutankUpgrade Building
05:14RutankPurchase Wargear (39)
05:32RutankPurchase Wargear (246)
05:45Paul KeatingPurchase Wargear (231)
06:24RutankPurchase Wargear (24)
06:26RutankPlaced unknown building (122)
06:26RutankPlaced unknown building (122)
06:26RutankPlaced unknown building (122)
06:43Paul KeatingPurchase Wargear (230)
08:07Paul KeatingPurchase Unit (230)Whirlwind
08:10RutankUpgrade Building
08:24RutankPurchase Wargear (5)