Elite Stats & Leagues

Calderis Refinery • 21:59

Wed 25 Jan 2023 @ 2:34
DoW II Elite
ID: 55760956/140767

DL Zog it

Halo TM
1493 ± 343 1359 ± 252

Rutank EA
1582 ± 84 1593 ± 83
00:05Halogl hf
17:47Rutankcan i test something on you
17:59Rutankoh ok it does lift
18:37Rutankgg though
19:04Rutankbut SM is really good vs OM though
19:30Rutankit's a pretty good counter to go SM vs OM the guys i'm playing
19:40Rutankscouts with leader
19:58HaloGotta know how to play it though, I went wrong in a couple ways I think
20:00Rutankuse shotguns to blow up the strike squads or the flamer guys
20:11Rutankyeah tact flmaers are MEH
20:17Rutankidk how i like them def not vs this
20:22Halothey didnt do so well
20:22Rutankb/c it makes you close range
20:33Haloshould of kept it normal with the bolter fire
20:44Rutanka 2nd scout with shotgun is GG
20:53Halogotta execute it well though
20:54Rutankbut asm should work too
20:57Haloshotgun pluis grenade
20:58Rutankyeah you do
21:08Rutankand then when i go rhino t2
21:12Rutankrockets and melta bomb on asm
21:28Rutankyeah when melee goes on top of you throw nade at feet
21:31Rutankand run back
21:37Rutankthey always take like 70% damage