Elite Stats & Leagues

Pale Tooth Gorge • 28:57

Wed 9 Oct 2019 @ 14:41
DoW II Elite
ID: 40031616/38099

DL Zog it

[EL] LocalgHost FC
1928 ± 92 1937 ± 90

Napoleon WS
1693 ± 221 1646 ± 198
00:35Napoleonshould i try and learn keybingdas or jusrt switcg them
00:52[EL] LocalgHostmake arranged buttons
00:55[EL] LocalgHostand no worries
01:08[EL] LocalgHostyou heared gens drop?
02:05[EL] LocalgHosttacs better than GA
02:14Napoleongen drops`?
02:57[EL] LocalgHost\use tp and no WG
03:29[EL] LocalgHostur avengers stand still?
03:52[EL] LocalgHostok
04:32[EL] LocalgHostsee?
04:37[EL] LocalgHostu got decapped
05:28[EL] LocalgHostnice try
05:43[EL] LocalgHostbut i have HUGE power advantage
05:56[EL] LocalgHosto ise only 15 power to scout invis
07:25Napoleonare u t3=?
07:56[EL] LocalgHostshjeees
09:37[EL] LocalgHostTP
09:44Napoleonfuck forgot him
09:58[EL] LocalgHostnice
12:26[EL] LocalgHostnice
18:27[EL] LocalgHosti dont have hard AV
18:34[EL] LocalgHostbut termies can do
18:36NapoleonI mean the Land raider ^^
27:23[EL] LocalgHosti have no req
27:26[EL] LocalgHost:)
28:32Napoleongg :)
28:41NapoleonNeed to go fetch my dog
28:49Napoleonthen read the text you sent