Elite Stats & Leagues

Green Tooth Gorge • 21:57

Tue 11 Jun 2019 @ 12:48
DoW II Elite
ID: 38648261/35121

DL Zog it

RiceMuncher FC
2038 ± 142 2043 ± 141

george.at6 WB
1351 ± 350 1335 ± 336
15:50RiceMuncherLOL 1V1
15:52RiceMuncherwhoosp cpas
20:21george.at6fuk me boi i dont know how u won that after ur early game
20:29RiceMuncherXD ye me neither
20:44george.at6classic spacemarine wait till tier 3= free win
20:50RiceMuncherwel not rlly
20:56RiceMunchersm is about unit preservation
21:02RiceMuncheras long as i dont lose too many models
21:29george.at6i dunno man i feel like i didnt get too tier 2 earlty enoguh
21:35george.at6and i forget to get extra power
21:36RiceMuncherye u need wartruk
21:38RiceMuncherand 2 x shoota
21:41RiceMunchernot 2 x melee
21:56george.at6na doulbe sluggas worked better but cos i couldnt get wartrak quick i fuked it