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Quest’s Heresy • 19:11

Fri 27 Jul 2018 @ 1:20
DoW II Elite
ID: 34825833/27509

DL Zog it
16:35The Great Cornholioyeah
16:38The Great Cornholiowhy do i bother
16:44The Great Cornholiou give me fc
17:00The Great Cornholioso whats next
17:02The Great Cornholiowb?
17:03The Great Cornholiowl?
17:24Crewfinitywhat hero can i play that u wont complain about
17:30The Great Cornholiocrew
17:35The Great Cornholiou know what soerc sucks against
17:41The Great Cornholioits not rocket sience
17:56The Great Cornholiofc is more or less click and win
17:58The Great Cornholioso is wl
17:59The Great Cornholioand wb
18:08Crewfinityand apo
18:10Crewfinityand mek
18:13Crewfinityand knob
18:14The Great Cornholiomek is fine
18:17The Great Cornholioknob is fine
18:19The Great Cornholiorav is fine
18:22The Great Cornholiofar is fine
18:24The Great Cornholiolg is fine
18:27The Great Cornholiotm is fine
18:53Crewfinityfine ill play tm then
18:54The Great Cornholiolistsen
18:57The Great Cornholioo
18:58The Great Cornholiono
19:01The Great Cornholiolets not play atl all
19:05The Great Cornholiothis is bad for both of us