Elite Stats & Leagues

Calderis Refinery • 07:23

Sun 22 Jul 2018 @ 9:32
DoW II Elite
ID: 34766354/27291

DL Zog it

Antandron TM
1365 ± 101 1355 ± 99

Azstraani FS
1629 ± 200 1664 ± 184
00:13Antandronyou here?
00:21AzstraaniI'd gladly kill you up close, but you reek human...
00:33Most Definitely Not Shroomroleplayers
00:35Most Definitely Not ShroomDansGame
00:45An'grathulAny proper match starts with roleplay disses.
00:52An'grathulIt's the only good way to do things.
00:57Most Definitely Not Shroomsorry my neckbeard isnt big enough to understand
01:10An'grathulLow level pleb O:
01:24An'grathulBet you don't even live in your mom's basement
01:33Most Definitely Not Shroomyea im a failure i know
01:57Most Definitely Not Shroomrip dires
02:10An'grathulThis SM obsession with rushing combat rifles triggers me
02:33Most Definitely Not Shroomyou mean shotguns?
02:38Most Definitely Not Shroomnothing wrong with buying a shotgun first
02:48An'grathulI'm no fan
03:03Snuffles4as a nid player i fucking hate those shotguns
03:05An'grathulFaster dev just feels superior to me
03:12Most Definitely Not Shroomhelps in first engagement
03:22Most Definitely Not Shroomez banshee/heretic/horma counter
03:34An'grathulI'm not saying they don't serve their purpose
03:42An'grathulI just don't think it's worth delaying a fourth squad
04:13Antandronnot sure who is playing worse
04:20Antandronprob me
07:04Most Definitely Not Shroomwut
07:13An'grathulWanted to throw nade I think
07:16Antandronffs slow grenade