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Quest’s Heresy • 12:02

Mon 9 Jul 2018 @ 9:01
DoW II Elite
ID: 34590546/26888

DL Zog it
08:55GrandPianocan u fucking concede u wont win lmfao
09:44GrandPianooh yes bashign will work at this point
09:46GrandPianowhen i have a fuckign dread
09:47GrandPianocoming out
09:55GrandPianoand you have jackshit
10:00GrandPianoholy shit can you actually fucking concede you dumb shit
10:43GrandPianothis is why nobody wants to play with u
10:46GrandPianou are trash and u delay the game pointlessly
11:38GrandPianoyou fucking moron