Elite Stats & Leagues

Calderis Refinery • 23:59

Tue 28 Nov 2017 @ 2:48
DoW II Elite 2.7.2
ID: 31559725/21704

DL Zog it

Zevargel CS
1731 ± 172 1662 ± 157

Cyris AP
1706 ± 130 1747 ± 124
00:05Cyrisgl, hf!
19:12Zevargelcheat faction is very annoying)
20:32Zevargelthjis is retardead
20:40Zevargelyou can't win it
22:02Zevargelso retardead
22:06Cyrisno u
22:12Zevargelyes com on
22:38Zevargelfo you see how your eco retardead?
22:47Zevargelthis is was no way back
22:52ZevargelI had all map all points
22:55Zevargeland you still t3
22:57Cyriswatch the replay
23:06Zevargelwhy i should to watcvh it
23:12Zevargelyou have no units to blid
23:15Cyristo answer your question silly ;)
23:20Zevargelonly for sm
23:42Zevargelthis is retardead faction for all times
23:47Zevargelto do it again and again