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Green Tooth Gorge • 15:09

Wed 2 Aug 2017 @ 0:59
DoW II Elite 2.7.0
ID: 30224189/17709

DL Zog it

The Great Cornholio CS
1540 ± 92 1531 ± 91

PaperBaG LC
1799 ± 114 1812 ± 110
00:09The Great Cornholiobut no mirrors pless
00:19PaperBaGno mirror
00:21The Great Cornholiok
07:06The Great Cornholiothats ig
07:08The Great Cornholiopower frre t1
07:23The Great Cornholioseems fair
07:47The Great Cornholioand top on this map is fuckin horrile
13:29The Great Cornholiou know what
13:31The Great Cornholioiam gonna rq
13:34The Great Cornholioi dont give a shit
13:40The Great Cornholiocant play ig top on this map
13:49The Great Cornholiojust look at tha fuckin narrow litle bag i have
13:52The Great Cornholiogab
13:58The Great Cornholioplace some mines
14:00The Great Cornholioand iam fucked