Elite Stats & Leagues

Jarilo's Forge • 25:01

Thu 27 Jul 2017 @ 16:33
DoW II Elite 2.7.0
ID: 30143364/17428

DL Zog it

Salt God LG
1988 ± 62 1990 ± 62

crog WL
1548 ± 184 1534 ± 178
Anal Tweet
The Great Cornholio
00:19crogreal acc?
00:23Salt Godthe fuck
03:15Salt Godbalance blade lul
03:15Anal Tweetwow
03:19Antandronthat turret lol
03:20Anal Tweetfucking legit
03:26The great Cornholiocrog sucks
03:29The great Cornholioso easy
03:30Anal Tweetinferior guard strikes again
06:42Antandroncrog is not that bad
06:47The great Cornholioyes he is
07:00Anal Tweethe just rekt me before that game
07:07The great Cornholiocause u are new
07:14Anal Tweetof course not
07:20Anal Tweetcause inferior guard
07:33Antandroncrog is ok, I suck, Salt god is better than average.
07:34Anal Tweetmakes you to run an extra mile
07:36Anal Tweetto keep up
08:24Salt Godfucking pathign
08:27Salt Godand turret bugging out
08:58Anal Tweetthats neat
09:21Antandronhow does he kill that turret?
09:27The great Cornholiowg
09:40Anal Tweeti wonder of he has energy
10:12Anal Tweetthe timing for that super-bash is quite accurate
10:32The great Cornholiosalt cold have won ages ago
10:37Anal Tweettoo bad the turret is shit
10:56Salt Godcan u pls concede
11:02Salt Godim tired of ur retard luck already
11:09Anal Tweet:D
11:13crogu sound like corn
11:15Salt Godlike u cant win
11:22Salt Godmaybe just delay it
11:38Anal Tweet:D
11:42Anal Tweetnope
15:03Anal Tweetrangers
15:03Salt Godfuckign shouldve ended you in the 5 min mark
15:15crogstop cryin
15:19Salt Godstop being trash
15:53Salt Godfucifgn retards wont use baility
15:56Anal Tweetwhoops
19:23Anal Tweetinferior guard :D
19:35The great Cornholiohis own fault
20:05Anal Tweetin not being two heads higher
22:21The great Cornholiogood
22:29crogLagg imao
22:32Salt Godno u are bad
22:44Anal Tweetthis movespeed buff makes quite a difference
22:50The great Cornholioidd
23:15Anal Tweetbanshees attacking
23:27Anal Tweetwinning 1v2
23:30Anal Tweetshiet
23:44crogyes i never play 1v1 but i still almost owned
23:48Salt Godno
23:49Salt GodI fucked around
23:52Salt Godtried to take ur power with turret
24:01Salt Godotherwise 8 min stomp
24:16Salt Godcorn would own u too lul
24:21The great Cornholioyep
24:34Anal Tweetthis community
24:44The great Cornholioyep
24:47The great Cornholiobut fun
24:57crog45 vp