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Ashes of Typhon • 33:27

Sun 16 Oct 2016 @ 21:50
DoW II Elite 2.5.1
ID: 24548640/12644

DL Zog it

Stoned_elf LC
1855 ± 70 1864 ± 69

[EL] 3rd Officer Clan Relations. AP
1732 ± 148 1697 ± 138
[EL] CubeBits
The Great Cornholio
00:20[EL] 3rd Officer Clan Relations.i love you
00:24[EL] 3rd Officer Clan Relations.Fun cums later
01:05Aguxyzalready gg
01:23cudderbecause of build?
01:34Aguxyzscouts will bleed alot
01:39Aguxyzif not microed right
02:07The great Cornholiopaige is the master of scouts
02:44Aguxyznot sure about that early PS
02:50Aguxyzwould of rather got catas
03:02[EL] Crewfinity XCIya
03:37[EL] Crewfinity XCIdont usually like chainsword vs ig
03:45The great Cornholiohe should reaaaaaaly get stup
03:49The great Cornholiolike reaaaly
03:57Aguxyzalready got power bahsed
04:11The great Cornholiopaige vs agu next game
04:24Aguxyzil lwatch
04:54[EL] Crewfinity XCIyeahhh looking like gg to me
05:10The great Cornholiojust 1 setup team and he would still be in the game
05:21[EL] Crewfinity XCIuh oh
05:28[EL] Crewfinity XCIif he can kill sent
05:30Aguxyzdouble catas DansGame what is this retail
06:42[EL] Crewfinity XCIyikes another bash
07:53The great Cornholioits a shame
08:01The great Cornholiocause he is doing well with what he has
08:27[EL] Crewfinity XCIwhat he has is super expensive
08:34The great Cornholiotrue
08:48Aguxyzhe could of killed sent lol
09:26[EL] Crewfinity XCIXD
09:59[EL] Crewfinity XCIah so thats the plan
10:15Aguxyzwhy no chimmmmmmmmmmm
10:41The great Cornholiogg? corn thinks not
10:53Aguxyzwhy would he node that
10:57Aguxyzwaste of req
11:11The great Cornholiobammm
11:12[EL] Crewfinity XCIhe needs to scout out the second farm
12:40[EL] Crewfinity XCI^^
16:22Aguxyzoh boyyyyyy
16:26[EL] Crewfinity XCIaggressive
16:30Aguxyzgame of throws
16:35[EL] Crewfinity XCIleman and win?
16:59The great Cornholionot sure 1 leman is gonna do it
18:38Aguxyzbionic eye catas on termis gogoogog
18:55[EL] Crewfinity XCIlol
19:48[EL] Crewfinity XCIop globals
20:21Aguxyzget executioner on leman this float NotLikeThis
20:31[EL] Crewfinity XCI**
22:36Aguxyzogryns DansGame
22:47Aguxyzif he gets bionic eye
23:50Aguxyzwhy carapace armorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
24:25The great Cornholiouhhh
26:02Aguxyzoh boy
26:08The great Cornholiosoo agu
26:16The great Cornholiou still thinks its gg?
26:19Aguxyzcrew help my soul after this game
26:30Aguxyzthis is game of throws
26:35[EL] Crewfinity XCIlol
26:58The great Cornholioapo op
27:36Aguxyzhe litterally lost to 2 scouts tac ONLY as ig.........
27:43Aguxyzidk why he didnt get chimera
28:24[EL] Crewfinity XCIyeah he really shoudl have
28:59[EL] Crewfinity XCIlol
29:30The great Cornholiothink iam gonna upload this game
30:03[EL] Crewfinity XCIdrop pod?
30:20[EL]John StimulusNah
30:24[EL]John Stimulusmore teeminators
30:27The great Cornholiopeople complain about pc and amove.. but i dont hear much about apo
30:32[EL]John Stimulusterminator?*
30:47Aguxyzapo isnt that great
30:51[EL] Crewfinity XCI^^
31:05The great Cornholiowtf ogryns are lv1
31:17Aguxyzhe shouldnt of got them
31:24[EL] Crewfinity XCIthey havent killed anything
31:24The great Cornholionaaah
31:25Aguxyzshould of got another gm with plasma
32:17The great Cornholiooh shit
32:45Aguxyzapo float NotLikeThis
32:56The great Cornholiomore termies
33:02[EL] Crewfinity XCIgg
33:16[EL] Crewfinity XCIwas close
33:26Aguxyzthis game