Monthly Rumble Tournament #3 (MRT #3)

Dawn of War II: Elite 1v1 Tournament

MRT#3 was the third Monthly Rumble Tournament, organized by Eerie and played on August 24, 2013 using Elite version 2.2 beta 4.




Host settings

  1. Victory Point Control: 500 VPs
  2. Random starting location
  3. Standard resources


  1. The first round of a match on a fixed map, as shown on BinaryBeast.
  2. The rounds that follow by loser's choice.
  3. No map can be played more than once within a match.

Race selection

  1. While registering for the tournament, the player must pick three (3) commanders that they will be playing in the tournament, and cannot pick anything beside them.
  2. The player can pick any one of their three commanders at any time and must let the other player know their pick.
  3. The player in the top bracket will lock in his race first for the first round. In the following rounds the player that chose the map has to lock into their race first.


  1. No observers allowed besides referees or streamers.