Monthly Rumble Tournament #25

Dawn of War II: Elite 1v1 Tournament

MRT#25 was the Twenty Ffith Monthly Rumble Tournament, organized by Atlas and administrated by Atlas. It was played on the Elite 2.5.1 patch.


Players and Hero Picks


Host Settings

  1. Victory Point Control: 500 VPs
  2. Starting Location: Random
  3. Resources: Standard
  4. Rounds are Best of 3 all the way until the Finals. The Finals is a Best of 5 round.
  5. Tournament is single elimination, so losing one match drops you out of the tournament.

Map Picks

  1. Maps are always selected before hero picks.
  2. The first game of a match will always be a fixed map as shown just below the Round display in the tournament bracket. After this, the map pick will be the loser's choice.
  3. The map pool is found in the General Rules thread.
  4. Only maps in the map pool may be played to be considered a valid tournament game. Failing to do so results in an automatic veto and regame.
  5. No map can be played more than once within a match. Maps that are variants of other maps, such as Pale Tooth Gorge and Green Tooth Gorge, will count as one map and can't be selected in the same match.
  6. Each player will have the option to veto a single map during a match, excluding the first game map predecided by the tournament organizer.

Hero Picks

  1. Players can select either Random or 3 heroes prior to the tournament, which can be seen on the tournament registration and information thread.
  2. Once selected, the player will only be able to pick among those 3 heroes or Random for the duration of the tournament depending on their selection.
  3. The player on the top side of the match cell will select their hero first for the first game. Next game, the player on the bottom side of the match cell will select their hero first, and the order will alternate like this through the match.
  4. To check out who is on the top and bottom of your match cell, just look at the Brackets page, linked above. If your name is in the blue bar, you're the top side. If it's in the red bar, you're the bottom side.
  5. Coverage